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There are a few things you will need to do to get paid to write articles online. If earning money writing articles sound like something interesting this article is for you.

1. Start your own blog for free at Blogger. Buy your name as a domain name at a website such as GoDaddy. Then redirect it to your blog and you are ready to start doing some writing.

The articles you write can be on virtually anything you want them to be about. The whole reason you are doing this is to establish content that potential customers can view to determine your writing style. You should also create an about us page and a testimonial page as you begin to develop your writing business.

2. Join PayPal for free. They are the largest payment processor in the world. By setting up order buttons, and posting them on your blog, it is easy to get paid by your customers for the articles you will write.

3. Consider taking some writing courses. There are plenty of these available on the Internet. You can also buy ebook training and learn how to write better articles.

4. Market yourself on social networking sites and on discussion forums. This is a very passive way to let people know that you are available to write.

5. Write articles and submit them to article directories such as Ezine Articles. So that people can learn more about you include a link in your resource box back to your blog. As these articles are archived online they can always be a source of traffic for potential writing customers.

6. Write content articles and get them online at writing sites such as Helium and Associated Content. You can earn money for the articles you write and this is good practice for you.

7. Focus on writing blog articles. Because millions of blogs need content right now there is a huge market for this. You can make yourself available to write on anything that people order.

Another strategy is to focus on a specific niche that you have an expertise in or a passion for. When you take this approach the articles you write are easier to do and therefore you will be quicker at writing them.

This means you can increase the amount of money you are getting paid because you are writing more articles. Plus you will find it more enjoyable as you write about a niche that interests you.

These are several tips on what you would need to get paid to write articles online. Starting your own writing business is not hard to do and the money can be excellent.

Cynthia Minnaar, a full-time internet marketer and owner of invites you to visit her online business ideas site where she share more ways to get paid to write online.

Getting Paid To Write Articles Online- With the recession, many people are coming up with new ways to make money online without investing a bunch of money for Business Opportunities. One way to see financial freedom is through writing for the content for the web. The writing industry is booming right now; especially in website content. Here are ways to get paid to write online:

Revenue Sharing Sites- The way to making money with revenue sharing sites involve consistency and determination. These type of sites are better for long term money, as you can gain residual income (passive). What is passive income? Passive income allows you to earn money even when you stop writing articles. Some example of this include Ehow and Bukisa. The best way to make money with revenue sites is to write ‘Evergreen content’. Evergreen content is nothing more than reference material that never gets stale. People will always search for this type of writing over and over again, unlike hot news topics that only holds steam for about a day or two.

Packaging and Selling Your Own Articles- Selling your own packaged articles can be a lot more beneficial as far as profit goes. You could make more with this method than with revenue sharing sites. For one, you could charge more for your articles; All you have to do is pick a niche, the write 10 quality articles on this niche. Package them and save them as a Microsoft Word document. When your customer makes a purchase, you can send them an email to their PayPal address with the documents in ‘attached file’. It is as simple as that. Your biggest challenge will be getting traffic to your article products, but that is another subject for another time.

Paid Up-front Sites- There are not that many online sites that will pay writer up-front for their writing. At least not any that pay in a reasonable amount of time; but there are a couple that are worth looking into to. Associated Content,, Brighthub and many others will pay writers up-front for their writing. While the pay is usually between $ 3-$ 4 per article (Associated Content and, Brighthub pays $ 10 per article, it is still a good way to make money if you can write at least 10-15 articles per day.

These are all good ways to make money online. The key is to use a combination of these websites and to not stay committed to just one. I know someone who make over $ 4000 a month writing for websites like these without any experience!

Erica Williams is the founder of “Self Employment Money Now” and has dedicated her time to helping others become self employed. For the ultimate guide to making 00 a day writing for the web, please visit Writers Needed-00/Daily – How To Get Paid For Writing Articles Online – IN this video I’ll be covering critical information you have to know about building a leveraged business online.

I wanted to keep this video short but also very informative when it comes down to learning “how to get paid for writing articles online”. I’ll be sharing with you one core way of going about this that I learned from someone 2 years ago who was making a six figure income blogging.

Really hope you enjoyed this whole video on how to get paid for writing articles online! If you would like to learnt he skills needed for building a highly leveraged and lucrative business online from home if you’re coachable and open to learning let’s connect and see you on the beaches of the world.
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how to get paid to write articles online

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If you’re looking to make money by writing, then here are two fantastic services that will pay you to write articles.

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If you’re looking to make money by writing, then here are two fantastic services that will pay you to write articles.

Payments vary, but in the video there was a writing job that offered 4 for someone to rewrite French articles into English. This could be outsourced for even cheaper.



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Article writing jobs – Get paid to write articles online

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Get Paid To Write Articles!! Legit Money Maing Opportunity For Writers...

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get paid to write articles online – work from home writing jobs
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get paid to write articles online – work from home writing jobs
get paid to write articles online – work from home writing jobs

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