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Review of a model APA paper for the critique and presentation assignment of PSYC 334, Summer 2014.
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Any piece of writing can benefit from an honest critique.

The Internet has opened wide the door to writers, both professional and amateur. This is encouraging for all aspiring writers from every walk of life, race or creed. An article critique is not meant to discourage a writer. It is meant to be an honest evaluation of an article.

Points to consider in critiquing:


It is one thing to criticize someone’s writing, it is another to critique. Anyone who undertakes a project of critiquing should be aware of certain guidelines. Before writing a critique, one should read the article thoroughly, in fairness to the writer.

Read the title carefully. Is the article in line with the title? Is the writer able to focus on the title? Remember that it is easy for a writer to get carried away. How is the topic developed? How clear is the presentation? Do you feel the flow of the article?


The article should be presented in line with the title. A good article flows fluently from one paragraph to the next without losing context. The information is presented in a coherent manner.


Every writer has his or her own style. As you read the article to critique, start with some positive impression, see nifty aspects of the writer. Remember to pay attention to grammar and spelling. A critique will be able to pick up on a meticulous writer, one who pays attention to technique, style, format and grammar. Typos sometimes happen during transcription, unfortunately.

Unless the work is poorly written and needs a rewrite, present the negative comments with an upbeat note. Start the critique with an overall impression of the article. Find out what worked and what did not work for you as a reader. Did the article keep your interest? With these points in mind, an article critique would be of benefit to the writer.

In general, did the story or excerpt work for you? What specifically didn’t work? Did you enjoy the story? Do you want to read more? If you’re reviewing a short story, did the author meet your expectations?

If you’re reviewing a novel excerpt, summarize for the author what you expect the story to deliver in the way of mysteries solved, conflicts resolved, characters changed, etc. This will let the author know if he or she has met the reader’s expectations appropriately.

Most writers can benefit from an honest and good critique.

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Writing an article critique requires strong analytical skills. In this video , our expert Brad Johnson explains important steps involved in writing a good article critique. For more information, visit