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“Today we’re going to talk about using commas in dialogue,” said David and Paige, KA’s resident grammarians.

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Grammar on Khan Academy: Grammar is the collection of rules and conventions that make languages go. This section is about Standard American English, but there’s something here for everyone.

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I like to think of the quotation mark as the punctuation that can save your job, or save your grade in the class. And that’s because we use of quotation mark to attribute ideas and words to the original speaker, so you use quotation mark to show someone else has said something, either verbally, or they’ve written it on the page and if you don’t use the quotation mark, when you are duplicating someone’s work; it’s what we called plagiarism, we definitely want to avoid that.
Grammatically speaking, punctuating the quotation mark can be a little tricky, so I’ll show you a few examples, quotation marks often take two forms, we’ll either lead with the quotation and give the attribution at the end of the sentence, or we’ll lead with the attribution and, and with the quotation. So here is an example how to punctuate a sentence when we lead with a quotation: We have “It’s a lovely day” Jim said. Well, in this case notice that we start with the quotation mark, we capitalized the first word and we keep the comma inside of the quotation mark, another words we, we tuck the punctuation inside of those quotes and then we give the attribution “Jim said” and the period doesn’t come until the very end of the sentence.

Now, in this sentence we flip the order and we’re starting with the attribution, so we say Jim said, we capitalize “J” cause it’s the beginning of the sentence and this time we put the comma after said and then we [inaudible 00:43:40] into the quota. So, Jim said, comma, quotation mark, capital, it’s a lovely day, period quotation mark. Can be a little tricky, because sometimes the comma goes inside of the quotation, sometimes it goes outside; it depends on how you’re setting your sentence out.

So, let’s say that it’s such a nice day out that Jim tells his coworkers he is sick and he gets out of the office for the day. Well, I might say something like, Jim said he was feeling sick, but we are skeptical. So, you can see this is taken on a different form, because we’re only quoting a small part of something that Jim said, not a complete sentence and we’re tucking it into our sentence; so that even without the quotation marks it would read well, it would read as a complete sentence. Jim said he was feeling sick, but we are skeptical. So, in this case you can put a quotations around his partial quote and you don’t have to capitalize the first of his quote. So, I hope that this makes; using quotation marks a little bit clearer for you.
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In this English writing lesson, you will learn all the punctuation marks that we use in English and what they are called. Punctuation is extremely important because it adds clarity to the meaning of a sentence. If you don’t use punctuation, your writing will be ambiguous. But don’t worry if you’re not an expert yet! Native English speakers really suck at using punctuation!! This series will help you improve your English writing skills.

My channel is about learning English. I try to make creative and fun lessons to help you learn vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, verb tenses, idioms, IELTS and TOEFL preparation, and much more! My videos will help you improve your English speaking, reading, writing, and listening. If you don’t understand something I say or have any questions for me, please just ask! I reply to all the comments on my videos! I make new lessons every day so follow me on Facebook and YouTube! 😃

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This lesson, which deals with the colon and the semi colon, is part of a series of lessons I am making on how we use punctuation marks. Please go to my website for more information.…

USE COLONS (1 clause must be independent)

1) To explain, conclude, or follow from the main clause

There’s one thing I really loathe: impatience.
We had two options: pay the money or suffer the consequences.
There are two ways we could do this: the easy way or the hard way.

2) In direct speech

The teacher would say the following: ‘Do your homework!’

3) In lists

Pancakes are made from simple ingredients: eggs, flour, and milk.

USE SEMICOLONS (2 clauses must be independent)

1) Offers additional or contrasting information. Demonstrates a relation between the two independent clauses. (It replaces the coordinating conjunctions: and, but, for, so, yet, nor, or)

I ordered lamb; she had a salad.
I’d love to visit Italy; I’ve always loved Italian food.

2) Use with the following conjunctive adverbs: otherwise, however, moreover, therefore, nevertheless, consequently, accordingly, consequently, instead.

We didn’t go to the museum; instead, we went home.
3 students came to the class; however, only 1 was prepared.

Exercises here. Thanks to Bristol University
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What will I learn? How to punctuate a list using bullet points.

Questions: If you write a list using full sentences, what should each bullet point begin with? What is a bullet point list introduced with?


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Find more than 1500 education videos available at Punctuation marks are the important parts of sentences because it helps expressing and linking thoughts. There are many punctuation marks including comma (,), Full Stop (.), Exclamation(!), Apostrophe(‘) etc.
These are important part of English Grammar as this helps you to write correct English.

How to correct punctuation of essay / article / speling check grammar check software

How to correct punctuation of essay / article / grammar check software

Hello guys in this video I am showing you the best grammar check software or extension or website
In this video you can see how we can punctuate grammar of our articles of long word

Grammarly is the best extension from which we can check our grammar and punctuation of letters essays articles

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