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How to Write and Share Your Authentic Brand Story for News Coverage

Today’s tip will help you create and share your story in the most authentic way possible.

You see, reporters and editors like Mike Butcher at Tech Crunch are interested in the back story, the evolution of your product. They want to learn how many iterations your product went through. They are also genuinely interested in the trials, tribulations and challenges you faced along the way.
This is what makes your brand story authentic.

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Short Article Writing 101 Danielle Van Vleet

Sarah O’hara’s Writing 101 class
Summer 2009
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A film about the basic elements of a news story.
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Now that you’ve gathered story ideas and photos, and chosen which stories are most important for you to tell, here are some useful ideas that will make the writing (or recording) process easier and far less painful! – How to Write a News Story. Learn the basics for writing a news article in just a few minutes.

These instruction s will help you write a credible news story that you can send to your local newspaper or publish online.

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