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10TH GRADE'S CLASS SAMPLE - How to write a catchy newspaper article?

EXPOSITORY WRITING: The Newspaper Article
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Ready to submit your initial Textbroker writing sample? The requirements might be a bit confusing to new freelance writers. Today, I’ll try to break down those requirements to help you write a good sample article.

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In this video, I talk about:

The tone and style are pretty straight forward. Write in American English, using a neutral tone and remain objective. Now, objective means that your piece doesn’t appear to take sides. This is easy to do when you focus on a third-person tone.

As I said, you need to write the piece in third-person. So, don’t use words like I, me, you and your. However, you can use terms such as he, she, it and they…which are all third-person phrases.

Lastly, you need to follow the format of the article. Choose something you enjoy or have a lot of knowledge about. You’ll also need to know how header tags work in HTML. Textbroker wants to see the coding of these elements. If you need help with HTML, you can check out W3Schools. I’ll leave a link below this video description.

Writing Sample Example:

300 Word Writing Sample Example for Textbroker

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