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Imagine… you just came home from a day out with the family. You check your email, and voila! You discover you earned some money while you were away, for work you’ve already done and only had to do once. If you have created a paid information product that you sell online, you are probably familiar with this experience.

If not, have you thought of adding some paid products to your own revenue stream? If you can write an article or a blog post, you can create your own paid information product. Here are some things you can turn your articles into and sell:

Ebooks or special reports. These are the most common ways to package your articles and sell them.

Teleseminars. Use your articles as the basis for a teleseminar and charge people to attend, or hold a free teleseminar and sell the recording or transcript.

Ecourses. Add some more info to your articles, break them down into daily or weekly lessons, and set them up in an autoresponder.

Training courses. Your articles can also become an outline for a paid training course you can offer in person or during a webinar.

Coaching programs. One coach I’ve worked with created a step-by-step program she walked me through to get to my desired end result. Her articles formed the basis of the program, with a lot of mentoring and other information added.

Audio recordings. Record yourself reading your articles and package it as a paid audio series.

Paid membership sites. If your articles are informative enough, your target audience will pay for access to all your articles on a niche topic.

Paid newsletter. Make your articles very informative and publish them in a regular newsletter. Depending on your niche, you can make a lot of money with this.

Create your own Private Label Rights products to sell.

All you need to start turning your articles into high-quality paid products that can generate a whole new income stream for you (even when you don’t want to work) is one quality article. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a pen, or pull out that keyboard, and start creating.

Denise Willms is an Article Marketing Virtual Assistant at You can learn more about writing articles you can turn into paid products when you visit and get your free copy of my article marketing checklist. Follow the steps and learn how you can easily write articles that inspire readers and relationships.

How has technology influenced how people watch, play and officiate sports?
This is a project for Introduction to Information Studies at the University of Michigan
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Have you always dreamed of working in the information technology field? If so, you are not alone. Many people are working dead-end jobs only to realize there is no job security. They work long, hard hours and sometimes without benefits. Many people are realizing how the information technology field creates job security and better lives. It is no wonder viewing how great financial security is in the IT field that you want to change your career goal.

Many people in different situation are seeking to change their careers. Some people are already in the information technology field and looking to join other companies while staying in the information technology field. Others are not working in the technology field and some want to earn some form of IT degrees. If you were unhappy in your current job, it would probably be a great idea to change your career. Loving your job while being paid to do it is what everyone should aim for.

Great advice before you change your career to the IT field is that you should be ready to constantly evolve because that is precisely what the IT field is doing. The IT field is never dormant, ever changing and you must be flexible and willing to change right along with the field of IT.

There are jobs in Information Technology to fit most any personality. If you enjoy being around people or you do not have great people skills, there is virtually jobs for almost every personality type in the Information Technology field.

Do not think for a second that your past experience or education will not prove relevant to the IT field. The IT field exists in any industry therefore; make sure you realize how valuable your background is as you change your career. Your knowledge and background will only make you an asset considering you are interested in the IT field.

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#IT Best Book:

Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology is Not Your Typical Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Because BA in Information Technology Degree is an Arts Degree with Few Subjects Like eCommerce and Web Design or Web Development Which It Have But its Emphasis is More on the Tech and IT Business Side Like E-Business and B.A in Information Technology is Similar to Business Information Technology Degree.

If You Want to Learn Soft Tech Skills Like Digital Marketing, e-Commerce, Web Design than Go With Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology.

But If You Learn Technical Skills Than Go With Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Because It Will Teach You PC Repair, Computer Networking, Database Design, Windows Server Administration , Linux and PHP Web Application Development Not Simple HTML and CSS Web Site.

But If You are Non-Technical Guy and Want Go in Online Business than I Will Get the Electronic Commerce Degree Like BSc in E-Commerce.


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Website articles as the digital age continues to grind forward, it becomes clear that web users are far less patient than they used to be. This means that they will not stick around long if they feel that they are having their time wasted, or if they cannot find proper utilization of time on your website. Take the time to think out the task and a short summary of the website, with a clear idea of whom the target distribution is.

A website is a group of correlated web pages, videos, images, or other digital resources. A website is hosted on at least one web server, easy to get to via a network such as the Internet or a private local area network. It includes set of WebPages presented, designed and joined together to form a reliable information resource.

Content is the essential structure mass of the Internet. Without it, there would be no need to browse the web. So the key in creating a resource website is to produce content that people will think is valuable. One way to do that is to write articles that are informative, interesting, solve a problem, or answer a question, and are well written.

Writing website articles is a tremendous way to earn some extra money. An article is a word that combines with a noun to point out the type of indication being made by the noun and a story, report, or opinion piece in a newspaper, magazine, journal, internet etc. Articles specify the grammatical certainty of the noun, in some languages extending to volume or numerical scope.

Determine the content and intended audience of the website. Inquire about keywords or phrases and the density for each article. To start writing articles it is recommended that you have good knowledge of the English language, and are willing to work to short deadlines.

There are various kinds of website articles categories which include Blogging, SEO, Online Marketing and Website designs. Most website articles owners will be more than happy to hire someone who is interested/experienced in a certain subject to help them by creating content for their webpage. Thanks to the Internet for creating opportunities for people like you to make money online for the thing you enjoy doing a lot. Once you have a strong article, you can then move into the phase of promoting your article, or publishing it on your own site. is a Word Press powered blog featuring lots of enlightening articles related to websites and the internet. We include lots of informative, reliable, significant and helpful solution-oriented website articles in our site for the readers. For more information visit us at: