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There was a time when “Journal Writing” was a subject to be taken. In some institutions, journal writing is therapy. In universities, it is part of the English curriculum. In writing classes, it is a special project.

Journal writing is a pre-writing activity to generate ideas.

Its history like any other science dates back from the creation of the world – The Bible.
In the present time, journal writing becomes popular because of technology. Blogging, websites, and spaces online like facebook, friendster, and blogspots are becoming electronic journals. The more traditional terms of this journals and digital art are diaries, reflections, and short sentences plotting schedules.

Thoughts are recorded everyday, or as often as possible. And then, this notebook entry becomes a habit and writing practice.

II. We have many ways how to write journals. But most often, academic journals are associated with writing classes because they help the students become better thinkers and writers.
An academic journal is a mix of the diary and class notebook. They are also called learning logs because it records the writers perception of the business of learning, reactions to readings, and ideas for papers.
The diary is a record of everyday events whereas the class notebook is the record from the day’s lessons and lectures. The academic journal is the cross of ideas between the diary and the class notebook.

III. The Process (You can try this for practice)

1. Free write a journal about “The Environment”

Write for 5 minutes.
Write for 3 minutes.
Write for1 minute.

2.Timed Journal writing (for 10 minutes)

Select another title/theme.

3. Select a writer or a blog publisher who is known for having written a journal. Write a report for the purpose they served.

4. Compile your journal entries for one month and bind into a booklet.

IV. Check out these examples

At Seventy: A Journal by May Sarton
The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank
The Diary of Samuel Pepys by Samuel Pepys
The Journals of John Cheever by John Cheever

Some people though would not like to log journals. Other’s are not just used to it. They say it might be an evidence of the person’s life. But take this question: Why would you hide? One has to be brave to face the life he/she lives not for anything, but as a good example and inspiration for others. So there was a fault? Remember every person has the capacity to change for the better. Besides, journal writing is practicing writing skills and knowing yourself better.

Rose Flores – Martinez


In people’s life, memories are precious things because people, places, and moment come and go forever. To not forger the events that go on everyday, people often write journals. What they write are eternized for future generations to read. The type of journal depends on the taste of writers. Some people write on whatever they have available, others are sad to leather journals.



Journal writing is a very personal endeavor, but some suggestions will allow a journal to become more than just a written story about your life.


The first step of journal writing is to write. It may seem obvious, but it is easier said than done for many people. Often, a person may be at a loss for words to describe an event. The key here is to just write. Emotions and feelings will allow a person to share or vent, depending on what happened.


This is very cathartic for many. Writing permits a person to say what he or she was thinking, whether or not the words were spoken aloud. Once written, these words can be analyzed at a later time and may provide insight. Words written are keys to unlocking memories of old.


Another step that will further enhance a journal, whether it is a leather journal or scrap of paper, is to add pictures of the written memory. In a sense, the journal then becomes a scrapbook. People that read their journal later will see the people or places that they were talking about. The picture association will help to relive something or someone that might have been forgotten otherwise. Even the best of minds may forget something that is unforgettable at the time.


Letters, cards, and notes can be put into a journal next to an entry. This third step consolidates what others have said and the reaction the writer had to receiving it. Thus a journal becomes a documentary of what has happened. It will become more alive to the writer as well as a future reader.


Journal writing enables a person to record and remember. It is vital to have memories of the past because it teaches lessons. History comes alive because people have left records. In this way, someone today can learn from someone of yesterday. Journals serve as a medium of communication for people everywhere and it is a great way to connect with ancestors and their stories.



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