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The open access journals published by Edorium Journals are international, peer reviewed, open access journals covering subjects in medical specialties, surgical specialties and basic sciences. These high quality open access academic journals give every author an avenue to publish their work in some of the best open access journals in medical and biomedical disciplines.

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2. The more articles, the better. You can’t really dominate this field if you submit just one article per week. If you have the time and the energy, it is highly recommend that you write at least 5 articles per day or 25 articles per week to easily boost the number of your inbound links and to generate more attention online. You can do this by writing topics that you know very well (so you will not need to perform time-consuming extensive research), by keeping your articles short (600 words or less), and by extending your writing hours. However, if you are just like any busy online entrepreneur who have so much on your plate, it would work if you can outsource your writing tasks to talented ghostwriters that you can find on various freelancing sites.

3. Impress the publishers. Aside from giving your potential clients great reading experience, you also need to make sure that you are going to impress the publishers so they will accept and publish your articles right away. That means, no time to be wasted on editing and resubmitting your articles. Publishers love articles that are very informative, free from blatant ads, those that do not contain URL, and are relatively short. They will reject articles that contain inappropriate content and those that do not contain keyword list, resource box, and article summary.

4. Maximize your resource box. You can increase your chances of getting people to click on your resource box if you can use a maximum of 3 URLs (preferably 2 anchor texts and one absolute URL). Of course, you will need to make it sound compelling and powerful to easily increase your conversion rate.

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Latest Technology News and Articles#1 jio ka kamal with pokemon go, motoM Yahoo Windows etc

This is the First episode of The Technology News And Articles. Today you know about some personal assistant , smartphone yoga book etc hot and latest news ….Welcome to D TECH . Lets start.

Since the start of the civilization it is noticed that the female gender is all the more fashion conscious that the male ones. The fashion content level is very high in the girls. While boys are fit to wear any kind of clothes for all types of occasions the girls clothing is kept a bit precise in terms of style and fashion. There are a good number of types of clothing and accessories for the girls in the online market as well. There you also get to choose garments fro different brands and of different qualities.

The @ Girls Party Dresses includes garments like tops, skirts, jeans, trousers and more. The formal occasion parties may have the formal shirts-trousers or formal long skirts. But most of the parties include various kinds of fashion articles. The girls clothing over here is kept quite casual until and unless the occasion is very formal. Unlike the boys clothing where most of the party dresses are formal only.

The girls fashion dress includes a lot more than just skirts and tops. They have the long and short skirts with some girls even wearing mini skirts. The mini skirts are now in fashion due to the style up-liftment in the society. The young girls of this generation do not mind showing bare legs to the world. Even in semi-formal parties, girls are seen flaunting in mini skirts with tank tops and tube tops.

The girls designer @ cheap fashion clothes is now getting more and more famous among the younger generation. The designer clothes may seem to be expensive but the parents need not worry about it. The online shopping portals offer the customers lot many types of girls clothing from the greater designers in the world at very cheap prices. Time to time special discounts and offers are there in the portals which make the deals all the more attractive and lucrative. Shopping online is fast more easy and cheap. This is because here you get to read the review of the previous customers. And once you are satisfied with one particular brand then you can easily go the section where you can get products from only that brand.

Oliverthomas is one of the famous expert who has been providing information regarding designer baby clothes and also on different type business risks. He has been working for comparison portals along time and thus has given countless quality articles on clothing, jewellery, shoes etc. This article is about Cheap Baby Clothes.

Link to the articles: THE TRUTH WILL NOT BE SILENCED
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All music in the Intros and Outros of my videos are explicitly OWNED by Chaos View Archive (ME). I Composed and Recorded The Music. I own the copyright. Most were copyright in 2013, others in 2015. You do not have permission to use them without my permission. You do not have permission to use my music!!!
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Showing latest articles inside Joomla articles using iJoomla SideBars Point your visitors towards new articles on your site by adding Latest Article SideBars that contain the title and intro text of your newest content items. You can choose the categories you want to use for getting the articles from, the number of items to show in the SideBar, and whether to display the title, the intro text, or both… and much more.
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Writing and selling your articles is now one of the most lucrative ways to make money over the internet. There are so many ebusiness owners and even affiliate marketers who want to use article marketing (the most effective content base marketing solution today) but don’t have the skills nor the patience to write.

If you have certain way with words and if you have the capability to create articles that sound like pros, you can write and sell your articles online. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Join freelancing sites. Today, there are so many freelancing sites over the World Wide Web where you can meet a lot of buyers who are looking for part-time or full-time ghostwriters. Join these sites (I recommend that you join those that offer free memberships) and bid on writing projects. If you are just starting out, you may want to bid lower compare to your competitors to increase your chances of winning a project.

2. Create an online portfolio. You can also attract clients to buy your articles by simply creating an online portfolio. Write numerous articles on most popular topics and post them on article submission sites like On your resource box, make it clear that you are selling your articles. If your readers are impressed with your content, you can be assured that they’ll consider doing business with you.

3. Advertise. You can advertise on article submission sites, relevant blogs and forums, social networking sites, and even on search engines. Make sure that your ads are compelling, attention-grabbing, and well-written. Whenever possible, communicate the benefits that you can offer and your competitive advantage.

4. Contact potential buyers. Research websites with themes or topics that you know very well. Then, email the webmasters and offer them your writing services. It’s important that you give these people article samples so they can gauge if you are indeed a perfect fit to their needs. Should they become interested, you can negotiate on the price. Depending on the word requirement, research needed, and your skill level, you can charge $ 3-$ 20 per article. For your protection, make sure that you use escrow services before you start writing.

5. Create your own website. You can get your prospects to come to you by creating your own website. To easily impress your visitors, make your website speak volumes about your expertise and your credibility. Your web content must be well-written and easy on the eyes.

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