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The question of where to spend your advertising dollars is always a hard one. If you are in the hospitality business and are wondering if hospitality magazines are a thing of the past, and electronic media is the only effective advertising available, you might want to consider this:

Readers buy a particular magazine because it addresses issues that they are particularly interested in and offers products and services that are tailored to their needs. They are therefore more receptive to the ads and will pay attention to them.

The hospitality magazine scene has publications ranging from food services to the cafe and coffee culture magazines, adventure and travel magazines, leisure and culinary art, and many more. When advertising in one of those magazines, you know you are reaching your target crowd. Every single person reading that magazine will have some interest in the hospitality industry.

Advertising in hospitality magazines has proven to be cost effective, because magazines know their readers and vice versa. If you know your targeted audience, you can capture them again and again through an ad in their favorite magazine. Magazines are not like the daily paper, which gets one glance and ends up in the recycling bin the next day. Magazines sit on the table for weeks, sometimes months, and get passed on to friends, neighbors and family.

One of the most effective ways to advertise your accommodation place or restaurant is in travel and tourist magazines that target a particular locality. When a magazine dedicates a section of their issue to your local area, take this great opportunity to promote your business. All the background promotion work is already done for you – the hospitality magazine articles will highlight all the attractions of your area and draw your customers, who will be looking for a place to stay and somewhere to eat – your ad will reach its target audience immediately.

The same applies to any issue or theme that a magazine will feature which is relevant to the product or service that you offer. If, for example you specialize in serving gourmet coffee, and the magazine has an article on coffee or the coffee culture, placing an advertisement for your business on those pages is one of the most effective ways to promote your business and put it on the front line. You have a captured audience – they are reading the article and are already attracted to your product, all you need to do is provide them with the details and convince them that you offer just what they are looking for.

When designing the ad, make sure your business name and the service you provide stand out in clear, bright letters. Mention at least one item or quality that makes you stand out from the rest – you have to convince your prospective customers that you are better than the competition! If you include a picture or photo, choose one that will attract attention and instantly create a positive association with your organization. And make sure your contact details are clear -a free phone number will increase the number of enquiries; in fact, anything with the word ‘free’ has been shown to draw instant attention.

Remember, if you want to reach a targeted audience, take advantage of the specialty hospitality magazines. The readers – and your potential customers – spend more time reading the articles and more time reading the ads because they are more relevant to them.

Leith James has been a chef for over fifteen years and knows the secrets of effective business management with a book titled “The Secret ingredient to finding hospitality staff”. His vision is to improve hospitality quality and educate employers on effective hiring techniques through personality assessments. Read more articles like Hospitality Magazines or Get instant Access for the Free hospitality mini course at

The second taken from The Surfing Magazines self-titled debut album, out on 1st September on Moshi Moshi Records:

The Surfing Magazines are Charles Watson from Slow Club, David Tattersall & Franic Rozycki from The Wave Pictures and Dominic Brider.

“Making this record was a real learning curve in a totally different way of writing and recording. The songs were written quickly and recorded quickly to tape. If you get it wrong that’s just basically on the record. It sure can focus the mind! New Day is a super quick tune. I’m not totally sure what its about. There’s some Russian dolls in there, a birthday clown and apparently I want to throw all my clothes away!”
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As an insatiable reader you might feel sad when you do not your magazines in time on the newsstands. Then there was that important issue of a particular magazine that covered a historic event. By the time you had ventured out from office at the end of the day, the magazine had sold out. These problems would not have occurred if you had subscribed to that magazine online. There are occasions when you notice your friend enjoying a copy of your favorite magazine. When you venture forth to the newsstand, you are told that the magazine has not yet been released.

Your friend has received it and will keep on receiving future issues of that magazine before they are released in the newsstands. If any such magazine has a competition going on where the 1st 500 submitters are assured of prizes, you can be rest assured that those who have subscribed to that magazine online will beat those who are purchasing it from the local magazine stands. If you had bothered to check the magazine your friend was reading, you might have found an extra line printed on the cover, stating, “Subscription copy, not for sale.” This is one the biggest advantage of subscribing a magazine online.

You can be rest assured that you will receive each issue of the magazine on time. Rather you will receive them ahead of time, if you take into account their release dates on the newsstands. Most publishing houses first dispatch the subscription copies and then send the newsstand copies. Another important factor of subscribing magazines online is the discount you receive from the publishers. The publisher pays a hefty commission to the agent who distributes the magazines to the newsstands and kiosk owners.

This commission is passed on to you when you subscribe to the magazine online. If you read various magazines, you can save a substantial amount of money by subscribing them online. There is yet one more advantage of subscribing to magazines online. Most such subscriptions carry a gift with them. If you subscribe for 3 years, you might even get a costly electronic gift that costs a good sum of money on the street. The publishers can afford to give these gifts to you since they procure the same directly from the manufacturer in bulk at discounts of over 60% and more off the retail street price.

Since subscription copies are home delivered by couriers, you need not waste your time visiting the newsstand to procure it. If you have never subscribed to magazines online try it out today and you will find that it has far more advantages that purchasing them from the streets. The discounts that you get via subscribing to 2 magazines might well help you to subscribe to a third. The gifts that you receive are the icing on the cake. Also, you need not bite your nails worrying if the copy of an important issue will remain on the stands or not by the time you visit them.

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How to make paper butterflies with magazines - super easy

These butterflies are super easy to make and great for room decoration. Make sure to look for bright colored pages with less text. Take smaller rectangles to make smaller butterflies. Please subscribe comment, like and share if you like this video. Thanks for watching!!
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Folks are constantly looking for latest information about health care as modern drugs marches froward with new technology. Physicians and their patients are equally curious about getting the most recent information. There are several publications that will share this info with you for free. There are many health care magazines that have free subscription services. In most cases, your subscription can never expire, and can last till you ask them to stop sending the magazine. There are others that can give a free subscription the primary year and then begin charging you for additional subscriptions from your second year forward. You will be wondering why these magazines are being provided freed from charge, are these publishing firms crazy? As baby boomers move into retirement age, there are way more and more shoppers of advancing age who are concerned about their health. Each year, new technology creates new medical upgrades by method of devices and medicines for use in hospitals and to be used by the common consumer. A nice example of these upgrades is that the medical alert system that is employed to alert the native hospital to senior citizens who could be in medical distress. In nations that are still developing, health care is very different. It’s changing into popular to travel abroad for medical procedures. With this sort of travel, individuals are not just visiting tourist traps in different countries, but having procedures and recovering in areas where it is conducive to their condition. Therefore, makers are fixing their own health care magazines in an attempt to bring information to the general public who could eventually purchase their products. These publications are called trade magazines and they help to stay the medical community abreast of advances in medicines and technologies. The publications allow totally different medical manufacturers to put their name forth into the medical community creating their product a lot of recognizable. So, the company expects to reap the advantages of those publications and can afford to “offer them away.” You’ll be able to realize many totally different publications in the varieties of magazines and journals and that they cover data on equipment, imaging, medical care, medications, and rising research. Following are some samples of publications that may be obtained for a free subscription. Medical Device Technology: includes an all encompassing review of the technology of producing and style of latest medical devices and conjointly of diagnostic product for in-vitro. Hospitals and Health Networks: this is a periodical which caters to executives in health care and hospitals with info on their business and career guidance. Applied Clinical Trials: This magazine covers data on new medicines from pharmaceutical corporations and the way they’re being tested, it’s a forum based magazine. Biotechnology Healthcare: This magazine is all concerning how biotechnology is effecting the health care industry as a whole. The articles in this publication are of great interest to those that are involved with the results of the science of biotechnology. Biophotonics International: Covers info on photonic equipment and the talents to use it and is geared for those health care professionals who are working in the sector of biotechnology.

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Looking for popular teens magazines? Today, teen magazines have become more popular than ever. Millions of teen Americans are avid readers of these teen magazines because of the entertainment they provide. Here are some of the most popular teen magazines today:

Cicada Magazine

Cicada is a magazine made especially for teens and young adults that are aged 14 and up. It provides readers with high=quality creative works in fiction and poetry dealing with various growing up issues. This magazine is best for those who appreciate good writing. The stories and poems are written by adult and teen authors, which offer a new perspective about teenage life.

American Cheerleader Magazine

American Cheerleader is a must have magazine for cheerleaders. It provides information related to cheerleader training and health advice. With every issue of the magazine, you can find routines, stuns, tips during competition, beauty tips, advice on raising money, among many others. It has an estimated audience of more than 3 million across the nation as it is the one and only magazine today dedicated to cheerleading. This magazine is best for girls and guys between 12 to 20 years old who have a passion for cheerleading and is aspiring to become one.


J-14 is your typical teen magazine. You have the most common, but very interesting features such as teen gossip, fashion, quizzes, posters, hot couples and celebrities. J-14 is a comprehensive magazine that is filled with entertainment that teens and young adults are sure to appreciate.

Teen Graffiti Magazine

The main selling point of this magazine is that it provides teens the opportunity to publish their creative works and their opinions on the most important issues that affect their lives. These issues include family, love, community, smoking, and many others.

Junior Baseball Magazine

Who says teen magazines are just for girls? Baseball lovers aged 7 to 16, their parents and their coaches will definitely appreciate Junior Baseball Magazine. This magazine is packed with lots of tips and advice for players in order to improve their baseball performance – from hitting to pitching, throwing to fielding, and everything else in between. It also contains feature on information related to almost every aspect of a basketball game. Truly a must for sports and baseball-inclined young adults.

There are various popular teen magazines out there. These magazines are very useful as they help teens cope up with the challenges of young adulthood, and enjoy its many pleasures. If you want to save more on Popular Cheap Teen Magazines, consider getting yourself a subscription.

Those who would like a pet but dont have much room – or the energy for a dog – often consider keeping a bird of some kind. Pet birds can be kept in a cage inside and let out to fly around the room for a little exercise, so long as your remember to close all the doors and windows first.

Birds make great little pets with their pretty colours and cheerful chatter. They are easy to care for, though some breeds may have special needs. The best way to find out all you need to know about keeping birds is to buy bird books or subscribe to bird magazines.

This is particularly true if you intend to keep aviary birds. You will need to know where the best place is to site your aviary and how to set it up to provide a home that is as near to natural as possible for the birds you intend to keep. You might have budgerigars, cockatiels, finches or even beautiful parrots.

Parrot books will tell you all you need to know about the needs of various parrots. It will tell you what kind of grain they need to eat and where to place it so that they can access it in a natural manner. Ground-feeding birds will not want to peck at seed that is hanging from a branch.

You may even decide to go into breeding your birds in which case you will need a great deal more knowledge. What kind of nests these birds make in the wild and where they are placed are just some of the things you will need to find out. This knowledge can be gained from special bird booksor parrot magazines.

Once you know all the details, you wont be likely to make expensive mistakes in raising and keeping birds that could cost them their lives.

Reptiles are another kind of pet that are easy to keep that dont take up much room. They too have special needs, but you can find out all about them from reptile books.

Pet Care Specialist is a environmentalist and works with many NGOs to save and take care of pets. He has more than 10 years of experience in this field.