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The New York Times just attacked me in an article saying I’m a “Fake News, Hyperpartisan Conspiracy Theorist,” as the war on alternative (real) media continues by the failing mainstream manipulators. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.

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Mark Dice is a media analyst and bestselling author who specializes in exposing the power mainstream media and celebrities have on shaping our culture. He has been featured on the History Channel’s Decoded, and America’s Book of Secrets; Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Secret Societies of Hollywood on E! Channel, America Declassified on the Travel Channel, and is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM, The Alex Jones Show, and more. His viral videos have received more than 250 million views and have received international media attention.

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New Tires and Wheels #FairmontProject

I often say that tires are the most important purchase for your vehicle. Especially with a performance vehicle. Here are the tires I’m using.

Honestly, I’m not as happy with the wheels. They were affordable, but not as round as I like my wheels to be as you see in the video. Here’s a link to them.

I’ll probably end up replacing them with a better set before I’m done with the build.

Ford Wheels:

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The #FairmontProject playlist:

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Camera: Brian Kast

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Interesting development: The New York Times wrote a positive story about Bernie Sanders… for a few hours until they edited it into a hatched job. Why did this happen? Cenk Uygur, host of the The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“The New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan took her paper to task Thursday after a piece about Democratic presidential candidateBernie Sanders was updated to add negative paragraphs for seemingly no reason at all.

The original Times article “Bernie Sanders Scored Victories for Years via Legislative Side Doors,” was a generally positive piece about how Sanders managed to score legislative victories in Congress despite being an independent. But after publication, the following two paragraphs were added without any indication from the Timesthat the piece had been updated.”*

Read more here:


The Young Turks March 17, 2016 Hour 1

New York Times Edits Pro-Bernie Article Into Hit Piece

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Hillary Clinton: No Better Investment A Corporation Can Make

Napolitano: Merrick Garland Most Conservative Nominee From Democratic President


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