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What is new media technology and why is it important in our today’s lives? Before we are able to determine the importance of new media technology, we should first need to ensure that we know the meaning of the term itself – new media technology. So what is new media technology then?

New media technology is actually a term which describes the transmission of data over a network in a digital manner. To understand this clearly, it would help if you know the difference between an analog signal and a digital signal.

With this definition, we can identify several internet-based programs as part of what we call new media technology as well as different storage media such as flash drives, CD, DVD, and Blue-Ray. But we have to take note that the old media that we use before are not included in new media technology that is why it is called as “new” media since only the newer technologies that we have today are the ones included. Examples of old media technology are analog television sets, radio, and film-based products such as cameras.

Computer is a popular example of new media technology since everything that passes through a computer is converted into digital signal because computers can only read digital signals and not analog ones. With computers, we can do a lot of things such as surfing the internet, reading and sending email messages, socializing through social networking websites, and shopping.

The internet plays an important role in the development of new media technology that we have today since most applications are internet-based. Can you think of a world without the internet? What would it like? Will you be able to do the things that you normally do in an easy manner? With these questions in mind, we can say that new media technology is such an important aspect of our lives.


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Higher education institutions have been slow to embrace the development of e-textbooks and continue to require students to purchase books in print. But one school in Indiana is ready to make the switch from paper to digital.

Trine University’s School of Professional Studies has mandated the use of e-textbooks for all courses, beginning with the upcoming spring semester in January. Five hundred adult learners are enrolled in TU’s School of Professional Studies. The school has ten different degree programs for which students may take either online courses or traditional courses at branch campus locations across the state. School administrators expect that the use of e-textbooks will not only save students money, but will also enhance classroom interactivity and convey the positive message of sustainability.

David Wood, the school’s dean, said that instructors are excited about the switch to digital textbooks. “The e-textbook really provides a lot of interactive opportunities for students,” he said. Teachers will be able to type comments in the e-textbooks and even include links and questions for discussion. Special features of the books will allow students to highlight the text and take notes as they read, and online forums have been created where students can compare notes with one another and discuss course material.

Follet Higher Education Group, which operates TU’s campus bookstore, runs an online platform called CafeScribe, where the e-textbooks will be managed. Jen Eveslage, intellectual-property manager for Follet predicts that the switch to e-textbooks may be a challenge at first, because the process will be unfamiliar. But as students and teachers become comfortable with the system, the benefit will be great. “They’re going to become much more engaged with the text,” she said.

Faculty members were included in the development process of the e-textbooks, so instructors will not have to make many changes to their original course material. Follet also collaborated with publishing companies, to ensure that traditional textbooks necessary to TU’s curriculum were able to be converted to a digital format.

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