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Lud Foe

Watch the official music video for “New” by Lud Foe.

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New Zealand is renowned as one of the most unique places on Earth with its extremely unique flora, fauna, and culture. Therefore, New Zealand is known as a favourite destination for tourists with the affordable price because of the United States Dollar is worth more than New Zealand currency. You are in one of New Zealand’s special airplanes after packing some suitcases and getting your passport. Moreover, you can enjoy skiing to suntanning on the beach here. This article will share you some information about this beautiful country.


Made up of the North and South Islands, New Zealand seems to be able to pack all landscapes into two tiny islands. From glittering beaches to snow capped mountains, New Zealand’s ecological landscape holds so many opportunities for adventure. There are simply too many famous attractions of all different types available in New Zealand, and picking the ones perfect for your vacation is completely personal, as you will never lacking in options. Getting your passport and getting your family there will show you just how much there is to do.


New Zealand is a very isolated location at about 1250 miles from its closest neighbor, Australia. Due to its extreme isolation, New Zealand has become home to some of the strangest animals on Earth, including the kiwi bird, Hector’s dolphin, and a lizard that looks like a miniature dinosaur, the tuatara. New Zealand is famous for its bird population, much of which has become flightless due to the aforementioned isolation. The world’s largest bird, the moa, though now extinct, stood at nine feet tall and was preyed upon by the world’s largest eagle, the Haast’s eagle, which is also extinct. Although these species provide a glimpse into the biodiversity of New Zealand, you and your family are promised to encounter a huge variety of birds that range from friendly and playful to strange and goofy.


New Zealand is home to even more than beautiful flora and unique fauna. Located on one of the most geologically active sights in the world, some of the strangest natural phenomena are visible in New Zealand, including geothermal pools, underwater volcanoes you can walk through, huge glaciers, and active geysers and volcanoes. New Zealand, being the youngest landmass on Earth, will give you and your family a glimpse into Earth’s past. All of these sites promise to give you an experience that you will never forget.


If you and your family are looking for the perfect place to suit everyone’s individual wants, New Zealand is the perfect negotiator. Whether it’s snorkeling in some of the most beautiful coral reefs one day, to hiking a rugged mountain the next, to enjoying the nightlife in New Zealand’s busy cities, there really is something for everyone. Getting your passport has never been more worth it. Visit New Zealand and you will see just how diverse one island, and your experience on it, can get. For more information about applying for or renewing your passport before your trip, visit

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This fall, something extraordinary new is coming to HBO. Watch the half-hour comedy series Insecure, starring Issa Rae, Yvonne Orji, Jay Ellis and Lisa Joyce, that looks at the friendship, experiences and tribulations of two black women. Created and executive produced by Issa Rae, this eight-episode series is also executive produced by Prentice Penny, Melina Matsoukas, Michael Rotenberg, Dave Beck, Jonathan Berry, and Larry Wilmore as a consultant.

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Redfoo - New Thang (Official Video)

Redfoo’s New Thang is available now!


In hot pursuit of a ‪#‎NewThang‬, Redfoo spits his game to win over the ladies only to be one-upped by the Sexy Sax Man himself, Sergio Flores. Will Redfoo be out-saxied or ‪#‎GetSaxy‬ himself? Watch now!


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SOLOWHEEL now available!


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Directed by: Mickey Finnegan
Written by: Redfoo & Kelly Covell
Edited by: Anthony Chirco
Choreographer: Hokuto “Hok” Konishi
Song Produced by: Play N Skillz
Video Rating: / 5

If we say that gown is the new outfit for men and women, then we are totally wrong because gowns are the type of garments which has been in the market from very long time. Traditionally it was the people from European countries who started the trend of wearing gowns. They perceived gown as the type of apparel which was generally loose and comfortable in nature and its length was usually from knee to the full length.

Many professional wear gowns in their profession and one of such example are the judges who are seen wearing this outfit in the court. Today many of us think gown is a type of garment, which is meant to be wear by the women. But this is not true because even men also wear gowns. In past ‘banyan’ was one of the varieties of gown which is put up by men on their body as an informal coat.

Now with changing times trends have changed. In early days children were used to go to schools to get the education. But now even this concept has changed a lot. Due to the advancement in internet technology the concept of ‘distance learning ‘now’s a days are in fashion. Students are receiving knowledge through the medium of internet. In schools and colleges children graduation gowns are used and are worn by the students of the institute on their graduation ceremony.

Graduation party is something which as a student all of us would want to remember. We share so many memories with our colleagues and teachers that we get emotionally attached to them. Even we can see small kids studying in the kindergarten and primary schools crying when there are separated from their friends after the graduation ceremony. Not only kids even at the college level we can see such sights when students separate.

The type of gown worn up by a student depends upon the institution in which he/ she is studying and getting the graduation degree. In market there are varieties of gowns available but the type of gown we require depends on number of factors. Its not only gowns but kids graduation cap and gowns together make a complete outfit for the ceremony. Gowns are of many types, there are morning gown, evening gown and even party gowns as well. Much different type of stylish and unique gowns is available in the shops with the different price range. It just depends upon our choice and budget to which type of gown we need to purchase.


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