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Hey guys, I’m Dave Chesson of and today we’re going to talk about good book titles and even dive into the bad ones as well.

As most us know, a good book title can be a difference maker, but sometimes people just miss the mark.

So, in today episode, we’ll cover the four things authors should consider when creating their titles, which books did it best, and which ones….well quite frankly get the Jar Jar Binks award for just aweful books and their names.

Before we get into our list of the good, the bad and the ugly in book titles, let’s first take a quick dive into some of the factors every author should consider when creating their titles.

With that, we’ll go with #1: Intrigue
Intrigue is an important part to a book title because it is what makes the person stop and want to buy your book. Too much intrigue can cause vagueness so watch out.

However, there are many ways in which a good book title can invoke intrigue like:
Contrary to Perception:
Some good book examples that use intrigue with a contrary to perception twist are:
Trust Me I’m Lying
A Partial History of Lost Causes

Then there are the Shocking book titles:
A couple of good examples of book titles that use the shock value are:
New Ways to Kill Your Mother
This Book Is Full of Spiders
Would you eat your cat?
I Still Miss My Man But My Aim Is Getting Better

Another way authors like to use intrigue is by twisting Familiarity. With this tactic, you take something they are used to and either use it or make a subtle adjustement:
For Whom the Bell Tolls
The Devil Wears Prada
Sense, Sensability and Sea Monsters – this could be shock too.

The next major part to a good book title is whether or not it is Genre Worthy. Genre worthiness is making sure your good book title says within your genre or topics’ norms. You don’t want to do a title that talks about Interstaller Space Marines and have it be about a love affair.

Here are a couple of genre perfect titles:
Do Andriods Dream of Electric Sleep
Tell the Wolves I’m Home
Silence of the Lambs
Gone With The Wind – instead of the ho hum title of “Tomorrow is Another Day”

#3: Context Context Context!
It’s important that you always ensure your title can never be taken out of context. Good titles cover their you know what.

#4: Discoverability
My favorite aspect is the discoverability of your book’s title. Make it too obscure and Amazon and other book markets will have a hard time presenting it to potential customers.

While we just discussed what goes into good titles for books, here are a couple that absolutely missed the mark and can be considered bad titles for books:

Genre Whoops:
Manly Art of Knitting
Counting the Days Until the Apocalypse: How many days until the US Elections? Apocalypse for children..I think you have the wrong demographic here.

Discoverability Issues:
Does God Ever Speak Through Cats
How to Avoid Huge Ships

The Plain Ole’ God Awful:
Everything I Know About Women I learned from my Tractor: His wife must be like a John Deere because nothing runs like a deer, of which his wife ran away a long time ago.
A Passion For Donkeys: Laughing…..
Mommy Drinks Because You’re Bad: This must be something from Family Guy…nope….it’s real.

As you can see a lot goes into coming up with good book titles. If you do it wrong or miss one of the four factors, you could be in real trouble like “A passion for Donkeys” kind of trouble.

To keep at it and be wise about your books title. It can mean a lot to your sales.


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CM Punk On AEW Move! MAJOR AEW TITLE NEWS! | WrestleTalk News May 2019

CM Punk On AEW Move! MAJOR AEW TITLE NEWS! | WrestleTalk News May 2019
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Carmella shoots on Mandy Rose – 2:55
AEW World Title announcement – 5:13
AEW still interested in former WWE wrestler Dean Ambrose / Jon Moxley – 8:24
CM Punk jokes about AEW move – 9:10
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1.Title starting with Numerics tends to rank high in search Engine

2. Titles starting with Who, Why, How performs better.

3. Alyways try to keep the Primary keywords towards the starting

4. General format that works best is

5. Text “1st Primary Keyword” Text “2nd Primary Keyword” Closing compelling text.

6. Try to write the title using 50 – 60 characters or 5 to 8 words.

7. Too short titles or too long titles doesn’t perform well.
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