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History from the newspapers - 1854 newspaper articles

Some interesting tidbits from an 1854 newspaper.

Although English and Urdu are the official languages of Pakistan, the Pakistani media do not release all of their reports in either English or Urdu. Some of the Pakistani media cater to their Arabic speaking listeners/readers. Some cater to the French speaking residents of Pakistan. Some cater to those in Pakistan for whom Russian has always been their mother tongue.

The media in Pakistan has not ignored the native Pakistani people who do not speak and read Urdu. There are some media outlets in Pakistan that release their reports in Pushto. There are others that release their reports in Sindhi or Uzbek.

The Pakistan newspapers do not differ only as to the language of their target audience. The focus for each of the newspapers in Pakistan falls into one of three categories. Some newspapers publish general interest information. Some publish business news. A third group of newspapers focuses on religious news.

One can find both daily and weekly papers among the Pakistan newspapers. Some of the papers that come out only once a week have managed to gather a large number of readers. Readers study carefully the content of any paper. Readers also look for reports that reveal the opinion of a paper’s editor.

Readers have found both informative content and forthright opinions in the Friday News. That paper has its main office in Lahore. The reporters who submit stories to Friday News do not hesitate to deliver critical reporting on any national issue.

Among Pakistan newspapers, the best-studied papers are not always those from the nation’s capital. The Frontier Post, which has it main office in Lahore, has many readers. Those readers want to learn the latest information from the area of Pakistan that borders on Afghanistan.

The newspaper editors, editors who have long had to respect the wishes of the Pakistani authorities, have been quick to realize the potential of the Internet. There are a number of online newspapers within Pakistan. One of the largest is the Online International News Network. It does not shrink from covering stories that have received scant coverage in the national papers.

The readers of the Pakistan newspapers definitely have an open mind. One newspaper now in Pakistan is the Pakistan Christian Post, Pakistan’s first Christian paper. Pakistanis who go online for information can read very challenging statements coming from Balochistan. The information posted on includes a call for the self determination of those living in Balochistan.

In 2007 the Pakistan newspapers provided their readers with a useful insight into way that Pakistan has played a key role in world events. Prior to December of 2007, the Pakistan newspapers covered the “constructive role” taken by China at the India-Pakistan negotiations. The papers also offered detailed accounts about the visit to Pakistan made by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao.

After December, the Pakistan newspapers should give the world a clearer view of how the country has responded to the recent lifting of the emergency rule of law. They should also offer a continuing stream of information on any significant confrontations along the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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Regardless of what age you are—be it you are a child, a teenager or an adult, at some point or the other you have witnessed, at times, how the Christian faith has grown and faltered and learnt to evolve from failures. Over the past centuries, the faith of man has dwindled, made him question Him. Christian newspaper aims at changing this very scenario. Christian newspapers look at world news from a Christian perspective and the articles are accompanied with comments and Biblical references. The newspapers also contain sermons, and excerpts from the scriptures and also real life stories that are of inspirational nature asking the Christian community to not lose faith in the Almighty. The stories usually have anecdotes or incidents from readers who relate how faith and prayer delivered them from a tricky situation. You will also find articles which spread messages like “I’m Christian because…”, “I wonder why God…”, “My faith is strongest when…” etc. Do you have any of your own experiences to share with readers from all over the Christian community? Then share it via a Christian newspaper.

A Christian newspaperis also associated with various charitable institutions and churches and organizes fund raising events to help and aid such institutions. They also arrange several events in the Christian community like mass sermons, Christian singles events etc.

The Christian faithpreaches that love is the answer to all the miseries of man. Brotherhood and benevolence are the keys to a peaceful world. The Christian faith lays stress on service to mankind. Christian newspaper follow suit and regularly report global crisis news and how we could have avoided them or can avoid them in the future. It also reports on natural disasters so as to pull on the conscience of the people all over the world to extend a helping hand.

A Christian newspaper is something that can be read by everybody in the family. It does not contain cheap gossip or any kind of slander. It is truly a family newspaper. For businessmen who are into Christian business, these papers are a boon as they offer advertisement spaces at really cheap rates. The advertisements can be published in both regional and national papers and thus you determine the reach of your business. All in all, a Christian newspaper is one of the few papers completely abiding by religion—it is unique in its own right.


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