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What Entrepreneurs Needs to Know About Project Management

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Adam Kaufman is General Manager at dLife Healthcare Solutions (

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Free PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Project Management articles

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What is Scrum? Agile Project Management?
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This tutorial explores the purposes of a project schedule and describes how to manage project scheduling. Watch more at

This tutorial is a single movie from the Managing Project Schedules course presented by author Bonnie Biafore. The complete course duration is 1 hour and 33 minutes and shows how to proactively manage project schedules.

1. Understanding a Project Schedule
2. Identifying and Sequencing Tasks
3. Assigning Resources to Tasks
4. Planning to Balance Workloads
5. Optimizing Schedules
6. Managing Schedules
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There is often a particular pattern all projects follow and it is usually appropriate to bring out clearly all these relevant patterns since it is the only way an individual can truly understand what is going on with issues concerning project management. Those who understand these patterns often comprehend and find things very easy when it comes to that aspect. It is known that, some people are under the impression that, this particular sort of management is absolutely difficult. Well this is not entirely true because with the right steps, nothing is difficult. On the other hand, when the right steps are not followed, it makes a lot of issues very difficult. 
The first pattern a project management takes is the definition of the project. This of course is an important area because it makes many things straight to the point and as well very easy. The definition is consequently crucial and is usually required at all time because without it definitely the rest of the project cannot continue. There are several ways of providing a very good title and until this is well understood and followed, some people may always provide the wrong thing without knowing. 
The next important pattern required in a project management is planning. Planning is an amazing term used in several areas. In fact, without planning, it is obvious that, majorities will usually have their daily activities encountering a lot of problems. It is due to issues like this that, many ensure appropriate planning is achieved so that, nothing wrong is realized. When planning is not taken in any endeavor, it is usually noted to be a failure in the long run and this is exactly one of the reasons why so much is required especially when talking or making reference to planning. 
After planning is well done, the next imperative step or pattern in project management is execution. Of course when something is planned and in the long run it is not executed, then work is not done. For this motive, it is usually necessary to ensure that, execution is done appropriately without any sort of problem whatsoever. Project management can always be successful in many ways provided majorities are usually ready to follow the right steps all the time. The next step after execution is control. Control is also an area that is so crucial and hence requires a lot of attention all the time. With appropriate control, a lot definitely can be achieved without any problem whatsoever. 
Nevertheless, the very last pattern in project management is closure. This is an area that determines whether a project was successful or not but then it happens that some people sometimes do not consider this aspect so much. The final experiences of a project are very important because it is the only way the whole project is understood fully without any issues associated. When all these relevant patterns are well taken and understood, it makes a lot of things very easy and this is exactly why it is good to pay so much attention on this aspect.

If you are interested in project management education (in Danish projektledelse uddannelse) follow this useful link. If you are also interested in process consultant education (or as the Danes say proceskonsulent uddannelse) visit this web page.

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Not surprisingly, we’ve spent a lot of time at Asana working to maximize our efficiency and effectiveness, so I made a video about how we use Asana at Asana. We hope some of these tips are helpful to you in managing your own projects.
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