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Keeping a first aid kit or first aid kits by the swimming pool is not enough to protect people from the dangers of swimming. There are about 3,600 unintentional fatal drownings in the United States every year. That means that across the entire United States there are more than 10 deaths by drowning or drowning related causes every day. Of those drownings in the United States, more than one in four of those people were children younger than 14. More than four times that number had to be taken to the hospital for injuries related to swimming accidents. Even when people don’t die from drowning, they can receive serious long term brain damage including learning disabilities, memory issues, and permanent vegetative state.

Though there are a lot of deaths due to drowning in this country every year, there are factors that make someone more likely to drown. Identifying these risk factors can help us set up safety precautions to prevent deaths due to drowning in this country. Supervision is one of the most important things to ensure that children do not drown, as well as a lack of barriers preventing children from reaching water. The youngest children who drown usually drown in bathtubs, toilets, or buckets. Most toddler aged children who drown do so under the supervision within five minutes of being out of their sight. A barrier like fencing around the pool is the safest way to ensure that these supervised accidents do not occur. The older children and people get, the more likely they are to drown in natural water settings like lakes, rivers, ponds, or the ocean. Boating accidents are usually linked with drowning incidents, as improper or unlicensed use of water craft results in 3,500 boating accidents with injured boaters a year. Use of alcohol is one of the reasons for more than half of adult and adolescent deaths due to drowning and water related incidents, because alcohol influences coordination and balance as well as judgment. Seizures are the highest risk factor for drowning related incidents in bathtubs.

Preventing these injuries and deaths can be quite easy. Having a responsible adult designated to watch younger children, whether those children are in the swimming pool, in the bathtub, or around any body of water. Swimming with a swimming buddy can be safe for everyone no matter what age they are, or make sure there is a life guard on duty wherever you are swimming. Avoiding alcohol before or during water related activities like swimming, water skiing, or boating and avoiding consumption of alcohol consumption while supervising young children can prevent many deaths related to drowning or water. Learning to swim, as obvious as it seems, can be a lifesaver, but it is not recommended as a primary means for drowning prevention for younger children. Learning CPR can save people’s lives, because most people drown and die before paramedics reach the scene. Using floating toys instead of personal flotation devices is a bad idea because they are not designed to keep you safe on the water.

Chuck R. Stewart has bought a first aid kit for his family to carry in the car. He keeps first aid kits in the cars in case of emergencies.

The Bottom Line is a newly developed free to access website developed by Peninsula. It is also a quarterly published magazine by the same company which is distributed only to the clients of the firm. The first edition of the magazine was published in the year 1996 and since then the magazine has become more and more educating, entertaining and informative. As the magazine is mainly concerned with business and provides its readers with subject matters which are related with business. News, expert views and articles dealing with matters as to how to manage and deal company staffs in the volatile corporate environment is published time to time. Articles also deal with the health and safety, employment laws and the latest changes in government legislation.

The magazine is particularly special for the managers who are responsible for the health and safety or deal with the HR matters of the company. The magazine can be very helpful in providing a complete protection for the business and its associates as well. Sometimes complying with the health and safety requirements can be very tiresome and a time consuming task. This health and safety requirements sometimes places huge responsibility on the shoulders of the senior managers and the business owners. The Bottom Line to a certain extent helps the managers in solving out these problems. The health and safety services rendered by peninsula helps the managers in understand the problem in a better way enabling them to fulfill their obligations.

The firm is also engaged in providing value added services, systems and knowledge which will keep the clients one step ahead of the competition. The firm also provides round the cloak services to its clients. The clients can easily contact at any time of the day and any day of the year. The problem might be an urgent one or just a casual enquiry, all the problems will be solved at once. The essential services offered by the firm even supports the bespoke health and safety management systems. These systems are used for creating and helping the clients in implementing a legally compliant and safe work place as well as business.

Along with the health and safety services the firm also provides the clients various health and safety courses which aim at further developing the understanding and knowledge of the clients in the field. The firm also stands by the clients in case of legal proceeding against them. During legal proceedings the firm provides complete legal representation along with protection against the costs which has to be incurred. It ensures that the client gets out of the legal minefield without any loss. With the vast experience of 25 years at hand Peninsula will surely make the toughest of situation run smoothly for the clients. The wide network of the firm ensures that its clients are provided with spot solutions of their problems wherever they might be located. The tailor made solutions along with the risk management issues helps protect the clients against all kinds of risks.

About the Author: The author writes articles on For more information about The Bottom Line Online, A Free Online Resource for Health and Safety, Employment Law and Personnel advice written by Peninsula can be found on the net. Please visit – Click on this link to learn more about stairs and safety. Watch this video to learn more about tile stairways and how smooth stairsteps can create potential accidents. One of the biggest problems with construction and maintenance is knowledge and if you don’t have it, there’s a good chance that you’re going to wind up with some problems. Of course some problems are going to be a little bigger than others and when it comes to building and construction, you don’t want to have to either one. Don’t forget to visit our websites and check out a few of our books about stairs and building.
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WATCH: Israeli drag queens show off in new flight safety video,7340,L-4685059,00.html
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Out-n-Back is a six-part video series following a VFR flight in a Cessna 172. Capturing some of Australia’s most magnificent sights, the series explores key safety topics including fuel management, flight planning and navigation over featureless terrain. Key safety tips, articles and links to relevant safety information accompany each video. Find more at:

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) — ‘Safe skies for all’

CASA regulates civil aviation safety in Australia and the operation of Australian aircraft outside Australian territory. We license pilots, register aircraft, oversee safety and promote safety awareness. CASA is also responsible for ensuring Australian airspace is administered and used safely.

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Video Rating: / 5 Natural health expert and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Dr. William Winter about the health benefits — and safety — of raw milk.

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This is a podcast episode of an Article of Netiquette about Internet Safety. The content is a short description to supplement the Principles of Netiquette by David Chiles. Available on Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes.

It is an explanatory article about Internet Safety.
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Flite Test : RC Planes for Beginners: Batteries and Safety - Beginner Series - Ep. 7

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