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When we think of school, we think of pencils, desks, teachers, books, essays and more. But as time has progressed, schools are starting to look more like a prison. School is supposed to be a place where education is prominent and students can feel safe and secure in their learning environment. Unfortunately, whether it is due to low funding, or location in a bad part of town, there are several schools that are considered to be exceptionally dangerous. In an age where school shootings are becoming the norm, schools are becoming a place where security is similar to the White House with metal detectors and cops on campus protecting the students. With measures this severe, one has to wonder why parents would ever consider sending their children into turbulent circumstances such as these.
But sometimes, thanks to district zoning, parents don’t have a choice on where to send their kids to school unless they can afford to move. So, for the parents whose kids are stuck in that dangerous school, they have to pray every day and hope their child comes home.
College campuses are also becoming more dangerous each year with the rise of on-campus shootings, sexual assaults, and violence. With the amount of money being put into these colleges and universities, majority of the funding goes towards security rather than protecting the students. The question is, how far is too far before a campus shuts down for good? Whether it is college or regular school, this sacred place of learning is becoming a place of survival for all the wrong reasons.

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