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We all know that the easter island heads have bodies – that’s not a mystery at all. But but how did the easter island population build hundreds of statues? Scientists have recently solved this mystery and discovered where these people disappeared to and why.

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Are Monster Hunter Sized Animals Possible?

One horse-sized kitten, please. Or one kitten-sized horse? Both are good.
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Scaling Laws and the Speed of Animals
Top 10 Facts of the World’s Largest Land Animal [20 pics]

Warm blooded turtles?

Why Were Dinosaurs So Big?

How Many Tons Does a Car Weigh?

Medicine is all about dealing with the healing human ailments. It is both a science as well as art and includes a number of healthcare practices that have evolved over the ages with a view to providing better treatment as well as to prevent various illnesses. At one time, it involved use of practices that were mainly known in the Eastern countries of the world but after it became a science, it was practiced differently, especially in the Western world.

Pharmacy compounding is all about mixing drugs by a person known as a compounding pharmacist who does the mixing in a particular way to suit a patients needs. Often, this step is taken in order to change the very form of medication such as to turn it from solid to liquid and to also remove any ingredients in the medication that can cause an allergic reaction in the patient.

BHRT or Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a form of therapy in which hormones are used and which have the same endogenous hormones. It is also a term that refers to pharmacy compounding and blood/saliva testing as well as involves reaching a particular level of hormones (as established through blood/saliva testing) in the human body.

The history of medicine goes back to prehistoric times when herbalism was widely practiced and when parts of animals and use of minerals were also part of such treatment options. In some cases, many of the materials used to treat illnesses were also part of rituals as practiced by shamans and priests and by medicine men.

The earliest recorded instances of use of medicines show that it was in ancient Egypt and in Babylonia and in India that such practices were first used. Classical Chinese medicinal uses as too ancient Greek medications and Roman medicinal practices also go back a long way in time. Imhotep from about third Millennium BC is believed to be the first physician.

Sri Lanka is believed to be the first country to have had a dedicated hospital where patients were treated. In India, the first person to perform surgery was known as Sushruta who performed the earliest known form of plastic surgery.

Hippocrates is considered the father of medicine as he was responsible for laying the foundation of a more rational medicinal approach. The Hippocratic Oath for physicians is still used today and it was Hippocrates who categorized illnesses according to levels of severity including endemic, chronic, acute and epidemic. He was also the first to coin terms such as relapse, and exacerbation and paroxysm and crisis as well as convalescence and peak.

Galen, a Greek physician is believed to be one of the best surgeons of the ancient world and he was responsible for performing some truly amazing operations such as performing surgery on the eyes and the brain.

Today, the practice of medicine has been truly revolutionized and this is because of information science being practiced on a more global scale. Today, medicine is mostly being conducted within a healthcare system and is much more complex than the basic forms that were practiced when it all began.

Administering Medication to animals can be difficult. A bioidentical hormone replacement can help animals by compounding their medication into a cream or ointment. Trust Haber’s, the premier compounding pharmacy Canada.

People are always learning new things about the evolving nature of science, and sometimes having a science tutor is imperative. This wonderful subject has captured the hearts and minds of people all over the world. Learning how the world (and in some cases our own bodies) works is something that people love to embrace. This is why there have been so many television programs on this subject. Regardless of where ones passion lies about science, it can sometimes be a difficult subject to figure out.

Considering a science tutor is definitely a good step to take. There are so many angles to take on this subject. Luckily, there are tutoring services now available that have qualified teachers waiting to help any student in need. Now, this subject can range in a variety of different classifications. Therefore, having a tutor who is a master of a certain sub category of science can truly heighten ones education. Within this service, such subjects that are covered are chemistry, physics, biology, anatomy, Earth science, as well as computer science.

Now, anyone can see that the term science can be rather broad, which is why this service takes the initiative to cover as many angles as possible. If one chooses so, there are in home consultations that can be done. This will enable a more focused conference between a tutor and a student. Therefore, everything that a student needs will addressed and learning all the details of science will be assured.

Knowing where to find a qualified science tutor is a half the battle. Hence, this type of service shows that one does not have to look very far in order to find the tutor that they are looking for. Many of the tutors that can be found work as teachers and know how to relate to their students. The conferences will be thorough and professional. It is wise to schedule ones meetings with their tutor while having no distractions and being able to effectively soak in all the information. This can be figured out in further detail with the service.

Everything that one will ever need can be found through tutoring services. All of the tutors are waiting to assist anyone who needs them. With all the subjects that can be taught through these tutors, there is no reason not to hear them out. Learning things from a new perspective can be trulyenlightening. There is no doubt that a science tutor will give their students the courage and knowledge to tackle and expand their education.

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These are some of the scariest and shocking science experiments
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The world of science has brought us a plethora of possibilities and new discoveries about ourselves and our environment. It is because of science that some of the world’s diseases that were once feared are now no more than a common annoyance rather than a death sentence. Science is a life of trial and error of experiments that are meant to bring a breakthrough that will shake what we know about our world. Sometimes the road to these achievements and discoveries is sometimes a rocky one that the history books should forget. But at the same time, some of these endeavors are so disturbing that one has to wonder what exactly was the motivation and intention behind that specific experiment. The following experiments are some of the creepiest experiments that scientists have dove into, and it does nothing more than leave chills in our spines and make us wonder what we are doing with our knowledge and resources around us.
For example, Professor Kevin Warwick is considered to be the world’s first cyborg. His journey to having cybernetic enhancements and chips implanted into him was a personal endeavor, as he is the world’s expert on cybernetics. He can even interface with the university’s Wi-Fi! From computer chips to electrodes, Professor Warwick just may well have discovered the key to immortality in some form or another.
Then we have Dr. Duncan MacDougall, who had a theory that all bodies really do have living souls and that the souls have some sort of mass. He weighed numerous patients as they laid dying, and once their final breath was taken, proceeded to weigh them again. His conclusion was that the soul weighed 21 grams, since that was the difference with all of his patients in their weight before and after death.
In the 1500’s, a man by the name of Paracelsus tried to create a mini-human by implanting a human egg inside a horse, and then proceeded to feed the horse human blood. The experiment was never successful (thank goodness). Speaking of animals, a group of researchers gave an elephant named Tusko, a hefty dose of LSD in order to produce a temporary rage that male elephants sometimes experience. However, it seemed as though the researchers overdid it on the LSD and subsequently killed Tusko.
If you were ever wondered whether Frankenstein’s experiments could be real, just talk to Dr. Robert E. Cornish, who revived two dead dogs with a teeter system. The dogs were successfully revived after being clinically dead. A prisoner on death row volunteered to be the first human test subject, but the judge quickly vetoed the idea, as the concern of double jeopardy came up…meaning that there was some faith that Cornish’s experiment could work on a human.
The crazy thing is that these aren’t even the creepiest experiments on this list. What awaits you in the video is head swapping, wooly mammoth cloning, and adding an extra head to dogs. With all of these creepy and crazy experiments, one has to wonder; how far is too far in the name of science?
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The Human Cyborg
Weight of the Soul
The Homunculus
Elephants on Acid
Reanimated Corpse
Prison Experiment
Ape and Child
Woolly Mammoth
Head Transplant
Two Headed Dog
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Why do scientists try to learn about /people/ by studying creatures that none of us could ever be mistaken for? Learn about model organisms, and why they’re so helpful for us.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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