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Social networks on the Internet are web services that enable individuals to create more or less public profile in the system with a list of members there share connection with. The presentation possibilities in the social network population are virtually endless. If you just want to make now friends or talk to the old ones, you are still at the right place. Social networking created new means of communication across the world. There are many reasons why social networking succeeded. One of the main is the quality of communication between people.

It’s very important that everybody can express themselves and share information. It means the information is available to everyone. The relationships in those communities depend on the rules established for particular social network. They differ among social network sites on the web. The difference is also in the way of using new information and communication tools. Making self visible on the Internet is easiest using social network sites. There are many kinds of social networks on the Internet. They can be location-based, language-based, or subject-based.

There are those that are opened for all countries and languages. They contain many applications, different games, quizzes and other interesting additions. Some social networks enable simple signing-in, simple social contact, grouping by interest, sharing photos, easy and mass communication. The others are limited by age; you have to pay a fee or wait for invitation. The difference between them is the sign how adapted they are for different people.

The selection is huge. Everybody can find something for themselves. The possibilities are limitless. You can develop a new social network site or actively participate in the existing ones. It’s wise to join one of the existing ones to begin with. There are many ways of social networking adopted for different people. It’s important to know that everybody can find something for themselves.

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So you have heard about it on the news, read about it in the paper and you still have no idea what all these people are talking about. No problem, I have you covered guys.

What are social networking sites?

All that social networking refers to is people coming together on a website to discuss similar interests. What! That’s it?

Yes, there are lot of ways to put it and spin what this is, but in a nutshell that is it guys. These are a very powerful way to get a group of knowledgeable people to share what they know and how they learned. Not always are these groups about knowledge, but in most cases they are.

The reason that these sites are super powerful as a online marketer is that you can meet people and get to know them. Most people look at selling items like you actually have to sell an item. What I mean by that is that you can become a power seller of any product on these sites, not by trying to tell people to buy, but by making friends. Yes, believe it or not, it has been proven that people are more likely to buy and tell friends about products that are offered by somebody that they feel they know.

Social bookmarking sites are very similar to these network sites, the difference being the focus on sharing links to popular blogs, videos and pictures online. These sites have an amazing power to grow website traffic and raise your Google search engine listings overnight if you have a lot of friends on them!

So quit trying to sell and learn how to make some new friends and get wealthy instead!

This is the first article in the series on Social Networking so make sure to watch for the next articles as they come out.

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What is Social Networking?

Over recent years the world’s media has been full of outlandish stories about internet millionaires and billionaires. Most of these stories are also accompanied by details about how quickly the fortune was amassed. Along with the glut of stories on these topics various buzz words have been used like “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “MySpace” and many more. If you don’t spend a lot of time on the internet, or only use it for shopping on Amazon for example, then most likely the names of websites like those previously mentioned will not mean very much to you, but they are all very successful social networking sites that have made their owners many millions of dollars.

At its most basic social networking is the formation of social groups by individuals agreeing to associate together. Due to the internet being an almost completely global phenomenon these links formed between individuals are much easier to keep alive and active. Social networking sites enable a user to easily find and then keep in touch with school friends, workmates or expand their circle of friends by joining new groups arranged by interest.

This last category, groups formed by interest, has recently led to some real political change and interesting local events. An example of this recently was when a Facebook member organised 15,000 bikers to ride through Wootton Bassett, England, in order to support a charity for British troops. Politicians ignore social media at their peril.

The impact of social networking on political life even led British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to open a Facebook page of his own. This was received badly by the general public and led to many spoof sites also claiming to be the “real” Gordon Brown.

Safety and Security Concerns

Due to the massive popularity of social networking sites it is impossible to reserve a name as your own. This fact has unfortunately led to a large number of spoof sites, such as what happened with the British Prime Minister. This lack of authentication has caused a number of concerns, not least the care and protection of children from the interests of predatory paedophiles. It is entirely possible that the person you think you are talking to is someone else entirely.

Providing users are aware of the possible risks there should be no problem however. For the vast majority of member’s networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are a great source of fun and new friends.

Leading Social Networking Sites


Facebook is currently the number one social networking site in the world with an estimated 400 million users. Facebook has shown year on year growth of over 100 percent with that growth currently showing little sign of coming to a halt. It is one of the longest established networking sites.


Twitter is a relative newcomer on the social networking scene but has acquired many millions of users. Twtter has grown by over 900% per annum recently and so may well come to overtake Facebook in terms of absolute numbers of users eventually, but it appears that over 40% of new Twitter accounts fall into disuse and so the growth may slow due to abandonment of accounts.

Dave Felton writes on a variety of subjects through his blog and various websites. His web development activities recently led him to investigate social networking in general and take a deeper look at the social networking software currently available

I have avoided it for as long as possible, but with my defences fully depleted, I have conceded and created myself a Facebook profile. After my previous article about MySpace some months back my readership have encouraged me to give Facebook a try but despite my hopes it was just a passing fad and that it would be possible to keep my social networking activity down to just MySpace.

Social networking is the current 21st century buzzword as it allows computer users to keep in constant contact with friends and family both quickly and easily. It works by getting you to create an online profile of yourself and from here you can then search for people that you know. Once located you request that they add you as a friend and then when approved you can then view their profile and just as importantly, their friends. The ability to see friends who are already added to their profile results in a pond ripple effect as you’ll often find others that you know in this fashion and before long you have a huge group of socially intertwined people all communicating together.

Naively I hoped that things would remain simple and that the established and popular MySpace would continue to reign supreme to avoid my having to set up another profile and search for my friends again from scratch. I assumed that with such a relatively simple concept that there wouldn’t be any real difference between the two but remarkably, there is. I’m now one of the converted and this week I’ll be giving you reason to follow me:

Profile Pages

Whilst MySpace does offer the user a larger degree of customisation due to the fact that HTML code can be used to create a truly individual page unfortunately this is also its undoing. If everybody in the world was a natural web developer with programming skills then web design companys would be pretty short of work however luckily for them, this isn’t the case. MySpace pages are extremely inconsistent and often poorly designed; for the record choosing to put black italic text on a dark purple background makes for extremely hard reading.

Because Facebook doesn’t allow this degree of customisation, pages are always black text on a white background – the way they should be. Facebook does allow a large amount of non visual customisation by allowing users to add and share small applications which can enhance your profile page and these range from the genuinely useful to the completely pointless.


I am sympathetic to the fact that people need to make money, however, MySpace appears to have turned in to one great big advert just recently. With Facebook there is one advert which is always in the same place and as such it doesn’t affect the user experience or make you feel constantly targeted.


Unfortunately MySpace appears to now be a breeding ground for spammers; practically every day a random scantily clad woman requested to be my friend. Whilst I would sarcastically say this kind of behaviour is normal in my life when I’m around the opposite sex, these women were all blatantly advertising sites of an adult nature and so I was forced to reject them all. Since Facebook doesn’t allow users to add friends in bulk you don’t tend to suffer this problem and the focus appears to be more on connecting to, and staying in contact with genuine friends rather than simply winning an online popularity contest. Facebook keeps you up to date with anything that your friends have added or updated whereas MySpace relies on you laboriously checking each and every one of your friends profiles individually in order to stay up to date.

I haven’t been able to go over all of the reasons for switching to Facebook, so please sign up for free at to see what is on offer. I still like MySpace as a social networking site but unless they make some serious changes and fast I imagine many others will be converting in the coming months.

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