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“Student collect, organize, evaluate and synthesize information from multiple sources to draw logical conclusions” is one standard stated in the benchmarks in the academic content standards for social studies. Then, students should be able to deliver the information in various settings such as oral, written or multimedia form. Though it is first priority to apply social studies curriculum to human behavior and interactions, we can as well transfer skills gained by collecting, organizing, evaluating animal behaviors to study human interactions.


Images obtained from scouting cameras can be collected and sorted based on various criteria-bucks and does, ages, size of antlers, time of day the images were captured, etc. Youngsters will come up with a variety of categories and the names they give them are less important than the consistency with which they apply them. These activities can be done by all students from grade one through high school, showing more sophistication with each year.


The data collected can be presented using different media all of which give students practice in basic social studies skills. Information gained from both primary sources such as their own sightings or photos from a trail camera, or secondary sources, including books, magazines, neighbors and other hunters can be organized and communicated to others through the use of charts and graphs. As students get older, they can present a position and support it with the evidence.


One skill mentioned at every age level is the ability to work effectively in a group setting to analyze data and predict outcomes. The activities presented here lend themselves to group work. Students can work cooperatively with siblings, parents, cousins and friends in both collection and analysis of data. Organizing the data and presenting in a pictorial form provides a positive family experience and encourages increased recreational opportunities. And while academic skills are important, the strong family ties formed through a common interest in wildlife and the environment last a lifetime.


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One of the best sources for easy, hands-on social studies activities is the History Pockets series of books. These books provide many ideas for history activities without much planning or preparation for the teacher. Each title in the series is packed with projects, which are all meant to be photocopied for every student. Best of all, most of the completed projects are flat so they can be stored in the students’ History Notebooks. The series consists of several titles for Grades 1-3, and then more titles for Grades 4-6.

Each book concentrates on one historical theme, and that main topic is then divided into several specific areas, such as Daily Life, Government, Religion, etc. In each of these areas you will find several projects that will fit into a “Pocket” made from folded construction paper. The Pockets are then hole-punched and bound together with string or ribbon to create a Pocket Book.

It is also an option to simply pick out several of the suggested social studies activities without making any pockets. Since the projects are not bulky, students could easily store individual ones in their own History Notebooks. However, even if you make the Pocket Book as instructed, it could still be put in a notebook with the same punched holes that were meant for binding the book together.

To give you a general idea of what each History Pocket book includes, let’s take an in-depth look at the Ancient Greece book for Grades 4-6. The activities start with decorated Facts pages, a Map activity, and a Timeline that is ready to cut out and assemble. The Timeline guides the students with illustrations and captions to add information as they progress. You will also find writing activities, creative booklets to put together and decorate, and plenty of low-fuss crafts. In this book, the crafts include making a Hoplite Shield, an Alexander the Great banner, Mosaic (paper) tiles, a booklet of Olympian gods, Greek coins, and more. The instructions for Knucklebones tells you first how to make the game and then how to play it.

This book is about 100 pages long, and most of those pages are meant to be photocopied for student use, giving you lots of ideas to choose from. The Greek book has instructions for 9 separate Pockets with activities on a different theme of Ancient Greece, including Daily Life, Religion, Military Power, Art & Architecture, Government, Sports & Entertainment, and more.

If you are looking for social studies activities for your classroom, you will want to see all the ideas in the History Pockets books. Your students can be actively engaged in your historical topic by making these creative projects. The books give a wide selection of crafts and save the teacher from excessive preparation time. This is a resource you will want to add to your history lesson plans.

Carol Henderson maintains an eStore of Teacher Resource Books available as downloadable PDF files. She also has a separate website to provide History Resources for social studies teachers.

Social Studies, when a student enters the fifth-grade, provide much focus to American law and importance of several historical figures. Its a more comprehensive approach to what was introduced back in the fourth grade. Studies Weekly engages gradual immersion, so students wont get confused with the subject matter. Moreover, references to fourth grade lessons are provided, giving students a much needed refresher, whenever necessary.

The US Constitution and the Fourth Amendment

Students, after learning the different forms of government back in the fourth grade, are now asked to apply their knowledge on the American government. Studies Weekly provides comprehensive discussions on the US constitution and the Fourth Amendment. Naturally, students will find the legal terms quite confusing and memorizing them is even worse. Our strategy is to make them understand laws and legal concepts, fostering more knowledge than mere memorization.

Historical Personalities and Events

A nation is formed not just by land divisions, but also through the efforts of great men and women. The fourth grade introduces students to some of them. The fifth grade, on the other hand, makes students appreciate their achievements and what they have done to make the world what it is today. This topic is quite comprehensive, touching on other subjects like science and literature. Some schools even require students to interview hometown heroes, and submit a reaction paper after. Our publication has got everything covered.

Timelines on Local and World History

This topic is in preparation for the in-depth discussions on world history in high school. Students are introduced to the different timelines around the globe, starting from the prehistoric ages. School discussions dont go as far as tackling every scenario, personality and human intention that led to the events highlighted compared to high school. Studies Weekly provides a little more, just to make sure students fully comprehend the significance of each event.


For an adult, ancient artifacts are things of beauty, embedded with history and classic grandeur. For an average fifth-grader, however, they might just be old jars, relics and bones. Studies Weekly bridges that gap between the fifth grade and adulthood by stimulating the interest of kids in archaeological finds. Stories and historical backgrounds are provided as well as references to modern times, so students can relate to them.

The American Civil War

The civil war, in spite of the casualties, comes as a defining moment in American history. It ended slavery and stamped the territorial integrity of the nation. Students, at first, will view it as just another long lesson printed on their textbooks. But with our help, they will realize the pros and cons of the event. They will also get familiarized with the colorful personalities who were instrumental in the war. Unlike textbooks, which present lessons in a cold and academic manner, we take a step back and provide entertaining write-ups about the different events that transpired as well as the personalities. Think of the articles as a cross between a textbook and a storybook, without altering any of the facts.

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Resveratrol promises numerous health benefits, which elicited an interest among researchers to study and justify the promises and claims. It is also due to the publicity that was given to the Mediterranean diet nutrition that prompted the action of researchers to establish the potential health benefits of resveratrol. Here are the key findings of these researches.

1). Immunity Health Benefits

The primary benefit of resveratrol is the fact that it is a very rich source of antioxidants, thus it can give a gamut of potential health benefits. The University of Rochester Medical Center in particular conducted a research and found out that the compound has the capabilities of counteracting pancreatic cancer. Combined with conventional therapies and treatments, the antioxidant properties of this compound helps in boosting immunity system, combating free radicals in order to speed up the rate of recovery and also the compound improves the circulation and distribution of healthy blood cells.

2). Anti-aging Effects

Another widely conducted research is to establish the effect resveratrol has on aging. A notable study was published in the International Journal of Neurochemistry showed that resveratrol helps in the reduction of harmful build-ups in the brain, more specifically the reduction of plaque in the hypothalamus and cortex. The study also showed that individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s disease can hugely benefit from the compound as it has a range of healthy benefits.

The study which Cornell University commissioned demystified the ways that Resveratrol can counteract the numerous effects that occur naturally to the brain when one begins to age.  Even for those who consider themselves perfectly healthy, resveratrol’s benefits, as shown on the numerous researches and studies, reveal that they can help one be at their best optimal potential and ward off opportunistic infections that tend to affect the human body. This it does by the general role that it plays in boosting the overall immune system.

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Mrs. Daugherty’s 11th Grade Social Studies Assignment — With the use of props in the classroom, create a scene and take a picture of your group illustrating a weakness of the Articles of Confederation. You will be assigned a weakness and do not tell your fellow classmates. Once you have completed the assignment paste your image into one of the following slides.