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Fixtures and schedule of Cricket World Cup 2011 has been announced. The 1st match of ICC World Cup 2011 between India vs Bangladesh begins Feb 19, 2011 onwards. Keep viewing nexgen sports magazine for latest updates on Cricket Schedule and Fixtures of upcoming ICC World Cup 2011.

Good times are here for India. The country will get to host the tenth world cup of its most loved sport in 2011 along with co-hosts Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. It will be the first time co-hosting for Bangladesh in a cricket world cup. Fourteen national teams are scheduled to compete for the coveted cup between February and early April 2011. According to the announced fixtures of ICC World Cup 2011, the first match will be played among co-hosts India and Sri Lanka at Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium in Mirpur.

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Women, Culture, and Society Course
I am basing my presentation on the prospective roles of women in “men sports”. Women playing sports, mainly “men sports” such as soccer, football, and hockey was not allowed. The smallest thought of it was unimaginable, while the presently the story is different. In modern day, sports have become more modernize, just like technologies, women are seen in various competitions and such success can be seen in the Olympics game. I chose the following 5 articles based on the topics that related to the opinions, progress, and the establishment of women in sports. The article, Challenge and Conformity on “Contested Terrain”: Images of Women in Four Women’s Sport/Fitness Magazines is a sports women magazine evaluating the progress of acceptance as well as the rejection of women in sports by evaluating the differences between both genders in terms of physical ability to play sports. In Perspectives of Women College Athletes on Sport and Gender, I will try to focus more on the behaviors that still feels inappropriate in sports in regards to females being seen as weak. The article describes the characteristics in which what is needed to be a “perfect athlete”. Teaching athletics and gender: A Pedagogical Narrative talks about the same exact issues on the gender roles in sports, having more insight on what techniques women are expected to perform, while also being burgeon by media attention, who are amazed to women playing sports criticizing as well as speculating at such phenomena. The information provided in Tomboys, Dykes, and Girly Girls: Interrogating the Subjectivities of Adolescent Female Athletes discusses how sports are seen as a men’s sport and women involvement is not approved. The article discusses the whole effect culture norms sets our mind and establishes a whole concept of what is seen as what is right and not. Women decide to take action and fight for what they believe should be their right to play sports. The article, Gender, Power, and Sports views on women’s impact in sports. From a local to a global positive impact, the article establishes the improvement on women’s sports and the modernized view we have on it, presently.

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Everybody knows about ESPN as the cable TV channel for sports-related programs. Its publication counterpart is called ESPN The Magazine, which is a bi-weekly sports magazine published by the ESPN sports network. While ESPN the channel was first launched in 1979, the magazine’s first issue was published in March of 1998.

The magazine covers the main and most popular sports in the United States. They include Major League Baseball, the NBA, NHL, NFL, college football and college basketball. What makes the magazine attractive than other sports magazine is that it usually takes a light-hearted, sometimes even humorous approach to sports news, as compared to other sports magazine like Sporting News or Sports Illustrated. If you have read a few magazine copies, you will notice that the issues usually cover players with careers that suffered due to incidents and accidents off the field.

Among the sections or departments of each issue of the magazine include:

The Sports Guy. This is the first section in the magazine, written by Bill Simmons, who tries to provide an alternative point of view on a particular sporting issue.

Two Way. As suggestive of its name, in this section, questions from readers are entertained by Stuart Scott, who gives his own opinions in response to the question.

The Biz. This part tackles a more serious topic. In this section, Peter Keating presents the business aspect of sports. He also discusses the effect of this business aspect on the sporting world.

The Post. This section refers back to the previous edition of the magazine, and presents some reader’s comments as well as updates regarding previously featured stories.

Zoom. This is a poster-type, large image considered to be the “image of the week.” It occupies two whole pages.

The Jump. This contains a mix of various regular features, which offers an alternative entertaining, often humorous view on the current topics in the sporting scene.

Outtakes. This contains transcripts of interviews done by Kenny Mayne with a popular sports star. The interview usually tackles non sports issues surrounding the sports star’s life.

The Life of Reilly. This is a section by columnist Rick Reilly who gives opinions regarding the sports world, and gives reports on various current topics of interest in the sporting world.

These are just some of the many things to look forward to in every issue of ESPN the Magazine. If you are a sports fanatic, every issue is surely worth looking forward to. You can enjoy great savings when getting an ESPN the Magazine subscription. For every issue, you will get a good percentage off the newsstand price. You can get even better discounts if you subscribe through an online magazine website.

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