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In this report I cover an article from the FT about how the executives and board members at the biggest US lenders by assets have been unloading shares in their own banks. I also talk about the aftermath of hurricane Harvey and how flood insurance could impact financial markets.

Hurricane Harvey Flood Insurance:

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Stock Market For Beginners | Investing In Stocks

Warren Buffet makes it sound easy but you cant deny that he knows how to invest his money.

What I love about this interview he talks about how he has left money on the table by selling too soon. Goes to show that even Warren and his collegues can never tell the outcomes of stocks, but the reason they are so successful is they invest for the long term.

At 0:40 he explains what they focus on
At 0:53 he answers how stocks come to his attention
At 1:16 looking at price first vs. looking at the business of the company
At 2:20 Would you ever buy stock basedon political pressure

It’s a short clip, bute getting a small peek into Warren Buffets mindset when it comes to investing is a great value to anyone interesting in investing.

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Stunning Chart: Today’s Stock Market is Eerily Reminiscent of 1929…

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Others will say you can use it if the owner is notified first. With these, usually a private message or a post to the comment section is all you need to use this photo. Others will say permission requires as well as credit given. For these photos, you are required legally to not only ask for permission but also to place the owner’s name with the photo.

Then there are also photos you must pay for to use. These are easily noticeable as they have watermarks on them and you will need to use credits (paid) to get access to a downloadable version without the watermarks. Even the ones you need to pay for usually cost in the $ 1-2 range for blog and article sized photos. In the long run, it’s well worth the investment to get photos with your articles.

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