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7 Steps to Getting Your Article Published in a Magazine

Some things you might not know about pitching and submitting stories to editors.

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Article writing is a popular way to build your reputation and bring traffic to your site. However, if your articles are not effective, you cannot expect to get great results. So never submit your articles on the internet without checking the following 3 points.

1. Pitch: In the game of baseball, you have to throw the ball just at the right spot. You cannot be too high or too low. Similarly in the art of article writing, you must pitch your content just at the right level. You cannot be too broad or too narrow. If you are too broad, you will not be useful. Chances are that the reader will already know what you are writing about because many other authors have already educated him.

As an expert you need to provide a little more in-depth information for the reader to solve his problems. On the other hand, you need to take the other extreme position of making things too narrow. Avoid highly technical terms which the reader is not required to understand. Make your article simple to read and easy to understand. Also keep the article short and limited to one aspect of the topic. Write multiple articles to cover different aspects.

2. Punch: There are over a million articles written by over 170,000 authors in, the most popular article directory on the internet. When you add your drop of article in this ocean, you need to ensure that it is visible to all, that it stands out from the rest. One way is to make your title very attractive. Compose it in such a manner that the reader will be forced to click on it to read further.

Another way is to write an attractive excerpt. Many directories will allow you to write a short summary for your article. Most writers simply use the first paragraph as the excerpt but the first paragraph might not be the best summary for your article. So to make things more attractive, create a special summary for your articles.

3. Plagiarism: What is the point of writing something that is copied from another? If you are a real expert in your subject, you will never copy anything from anyone. You can surely research content from the internet to get ideas but finally, you must write the article in your own words.

Many articles are available on a PLR basis but then what is the point of using an article which hundreds of other authors are also going to call it their own. It is a good practice to use sites like and tools like DupeFree Pro to check your content for plagiarism before submitting. If you are getting articles written for you by freelancers, then make sure you get all the rights of the articles in your name.

Do you want to learn more about how I do it? I have just completed my brand new guide to article writing to build your list:

Article writing and publications are becoming very popular, so it is important for those who write and those who do not write, to become more creative in their thinking and writing. There are many ways for writers to get their articles noticed and the process is very easy. First we want to take a look at some of the mistakes that people make when trying to submit to article directories.

1. There are at least three important benefits to why you are promoting your articles. You are generating leads, you are the top in that niche, and you are trying to promote your product. Most people write articles to inform the audience, but sometimes articles are not written with this in mind. If the articles are not written specifically to inform the audience, then no one will be interested in reading the material. You need to understand and know how to promote in order to get people interested in your article enough to read it. The best way to do this is to write good content.

2. The second is when you fail to get the most out of the article market by promoting. Now you know that if your content is good, then you can get more visitors to your site and you can get a better rating when your article searches better. Specific keywords are used in articles to make them more searchable. The more keyword rich your article is, the higher the search rating and the more that it will come up in searches. Do not overuse the keywords in the articles. Sometimes when you try to use the keywords more than necessary, it tends to make the article sound robotic and uninteresting. It is not all about how many people search for your article, but the quality of your content work. That is what makes people want to read the article and will come back to read more of what you have written.

3. Third, you do not want to write content that will not help the reader. Sometimes writers are much more focused on getting people to their site, they forget about what is important. A lot of directories have specific guidelines that you must follow when trying to submit, and they most certainly do not accept just anything. The directories want to share written articles with other people, but the article must be written very well. You should write the kind of articles that publishers will want to share. Good content consists of well written content that is without mistakes. Also in order to write good content, you must research what you are writing about so that you will sound like you know what you are talking about. Another way is to hire a writer that can write good content for you.

The choice is yours. You can just write articles just to get people to click on your link, or you can do it the right way and write quality content that everyone wants to read and share. When you learn the difference, then you will be able to write and submit great articles with quality content.

A descriptive video on how to submit your manuscript to BMJ Journals.
Time references:
00:45 – Step 1 – Begin submission
02:04 – Step 2 – Adding Keywords
03:02 – Step 3 – Adding co-authors
04:37 – Step 4 – Suggesting reviewers
05:22 – Step 5 – Journal required information
05:39 – Entering funding information
06:40 – Step 6 – Uploading your files
07:25 – Step 7 – Review and submit
09:03 – Your submitted manuscript
09:17 – Submitting a revision.
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To all writers and non-writers out there, now is the time to start digging up those creative writing abilities back again.

With modern communication technology comes the popularity of information-based advertising, which is one particular from the oldest and most effective methods in receiving targeted prospects to web-sites and Google Sneak converting them into buyers. This is why guide composing, submissions and publications are also getting common.

You can find currently a lot of tools that people can use to make the approach of distributing their posts extra easily. Though this is invaluable in finding the contents far more publicity, which is only half in the story.

Let us take a look very first at the common mistakes that some people today make just before submitting their contents to article directories:

1. Confusing the motive to promote the posts with the reason to create them.

In guide composing, you will discover three key advantages why you will be promoting them; branding, lead generation and promotion, which are all part of your optimization efforts.

But there is only one motive why you write an write-up, and that is to inform your audience. If the guide isn’t focused on this primary and most essential purpose, it will fail to obtain the 3 promotion positive aspects simply because no a single will be interested in reading them.

You need to figure out first how to get people to read what is in your report, then make them click in your resource box Underground Money Buttons. You can attain this by producing better contents.

2. Failing to maximize the promotional opportunities of article marketing and advertising.

You could know already that your articles can support you generate extra links again to your website. But do you realize that you just can get far more guests and far better search engine results from that very same articles or blog posts?

Mention keywords at strategic places. Just be sure not to overdo them. Some are even utilizing anchor texts that is also an effective method. But it is critical to know that majority in the directories are not able to support this.

Keep in mind that is not only about the inbound links back again to your site. Part of doing well inside your report advertising is finding picked up by publishers using a large amount of audiences and gaining the capability of leveraging other brands because in the top quality of your function. Far better search engine final results also are excellent benefits.

But these points don’t put much cash in your pocket. You will discover other elements that may turn your post marketing and advertising efforts into an opportunity that may boost your earnings. Not just boost the number of site visitors to your website.

Commence out which has a plan and see to it that your guide will serve the function that you just intended it to have.

3. Publishing written content that does not aid your readers.

Maybe within the course of action of composing content articles, that you are thinking that all which is you wanted is inbound links again to your website. And Google Sneak any guests it can generate are fine.

Guess what? Not all post banks and directories are going to accept your subject material automatically. Oftentimes, they have some guidelines and specifications on the articles that they’re accepting.

You’ll be able to double the variety of web-sites you may submit to by writing articles or blog posts that the directories need to share with other people. All it takes is 1 publisher having a hundred thousand readers to enhance your possible audience overnight.

Create the content articles that publishers want in their publications if you would like your article advertising and marketing to function the most powerful way for you. This also means you have to obey the standard guidelines, spell checks, researching on a excellent topic and even hiring a writer to produce a excellent content material on your behalf.

In the end, it really is all definitely a matter of choice in your element. You may begin finding a small publicity from increased links again but on a extremely fundamental level. Or enjoy massive publicity from a little extra time making high quality contents.

It will probably be your choice. You could not be aware of the fact that an guide submitted on directories will not be meant to have the identical level of publicity as highly-targeted content ones geared on a narrow group of individuals.

Learn the difference between these two and it can surely help you realize what kinds of articles to be able to write and to submit.

It entices your readers to follow the link to your site and learn more regarding you and your subject. Possessing a high ranking on search engines implies that you present quality content that your audience find advantageous.

Individuals can get plenty of links back to their blog or website by merely uploading articles..The real promoting starts with the end of your article. It is also where the author’s bio is introduced. Draw the readers more by adding a few catchy lines about you and what you offer.

Article submission seems to be the leading procedure when it comes to the Internet Marketers arsenal SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Big players in the Internet Marketing world has proven these method to be greatly efficient also with little ones like most of us.

CONSIDER: To utilize keyword-rich and anchor text links when importing your articles all through the Web to get the best out of your search engine optimization or simply internet marketing tool .

Article submission presents you the liberty to go as far as you can, thanks to the website links having the power to announce your business with just a click.



You can register to these features for free. All you must do is read the terms and condition that it entails.

Understanding the rules proceed on submitting your articles will surely save you time from the chances of committing errors which can lead to rejection.

Then, ensure that you make use of the resource box by including in your company title, or blog and website name, service description and of course the link to your website.


The advantages that you will get with using article directories:

Accelerated rankings on search engines.

Improved visitor traffic to your blog and website.

Business publicity and amplified name recognition.

Repute as a professional in your chosen niche.

Free publicity.

Augmented income.

Traffic starts to boost when more people begins clicking on these links. The higher your rating is at search engines, the higher the upshot of visitor traffic to your blog and website.

Thus, the start of the payback Article Directory Submission brings.

Understanding how to create attractive articles is actually a great affiliate promotion tool. At many of these skills are thought.

Submit Your Article Review - Go Inside The Member's Area

I first learned about Submit Your Article while doing a Google search for article marketing tools. I was new to the internet marketing world and was looking for a product that did five things:

Increase visitors to my website
Distribute one article to many unique article directories
Help my site get good, quality backlinks
Increase site rankings
Easy to use for a newbie
Obviously, I came across tons of marketing tools that promised to do these things. Some of them, you could tell they were scams just from the crazy guarantees they would make.

Once I narrowed my search down to two items (Submit Your Article vs. Magic Article Submitter), I purchased both products to test them out. After just a week, I canceled my Magic Article Submitter subscription. It was a nice tool but way too complicated for me to learn and take full use of everything they offer. It is probably better suited for a more advanced user in my opinion.

Submit Your Article, on the other hand, is extremely easy to use. I have since upgraded to their Gold package so that I can take full advantage of everything they offer (more on this later).

So anyways, here is my full Submit Your Article review!

Submit Your Article Review — What is Submit Your Article?
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Submit Your Article Review — What I Liked
Stay Tuned For Our Submit Your Article Review coming soon…

Submit Your Article Review — What I Didn’t Like
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Submit Your Article Review — Overall Thoughts on Submit Your Article
Stay Tuned For Our Submit Your Article Review coming soon…

How to Improve your Article Skills and where it should submit

In this article I am trying to advise you quick and easy strategies what you should use immediately to improve your skills so that you can collect better response from readers. To improve your skills take a closer look below!

Q. How you can improve an article skills? and where you can submit? What should I do to improve my on line article marketing through submission and get a better quick back response from the right platform. Is it a easy way to earn through marketing.

There is great competition for article marketing but it is not so much typical to get competitive advantage there. First and foremost thing is that your content should be informative and unique. It has power to magnate any one towards dream where he can feel reality. Before to start writing you need to think about topic and create a diagram of it in your mind then you can in better way. Your topic require to be interesting, social and beneficial to society. A wide generation need to help to solved out their problems what he try to search out through Search Engines, Free Articles Directory and others places. A huge traffic arrive at search engines and search about different topic with different problems. Your subject not very lengthy, don’t data dump your thought, or if you have lengthy topic over 800 words you can break it in paragraph. If you are going to write about a topic where you are an expert, then you can probably take a birth and start writing, without consult and research for the same. But if you are new for your topic, then you need to research for your subject. So you should research for the same and try to make an accurate, useful article. But you need to examine on every stage whether you are doing in right way or not. You need to check that your information is accurate what you collect from variety of credible sources. However, you need to be assured that content of it is completely original or not. While you are sure you use certainly unique topic and it is not copied or rewrite other people’s work in any way. In order to write your content unique and in your own words, preferably use your own experiences to create topic. One thing to remember is your topic language, it need to write in simple language. I want to suggest you to prepare it with full of information but in a language that used by average person. Writing can be used to promote your business, it need to be like that read from finish to end.

Here are some other helpful guidelines

your topic need to be grammatically good.

Your topic words limit must not be over 5,000 words

It content not for self serving or promotion.

It must not create using any type of illegal activity content.

Now, where you can submit your article to get better response widely. Free Articles Directory is a unique and genuine option for getting better response widely. These articles directory are used crore of peoples on search engines whether to read or to find out any topic. You can also publish your topic in newspaper magazines also.




























I am Parveen Kumar, a content writer having more than 5 years of experience in writing field. I became interested in connections between writer and reader. I spent my more time in research about different topic so that I could write naturally and can present truth of society. I enjoy to play cricket and listening music in free time despite of writing. I also like to travel and aventure. I have been to U.K, Russia and many more countries. Write now I have been working for as a writer I written more than 200 article.