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There are several companies and organizations that give value to teamwork. These companies and organizations are those that understand the importance of employees working together as teams in their success and development. However, there are still those who do not have a clear grasp of what working as a team is and in many times, these are the companies and organizations that experience stagnation. There are also those who may exhibit a great bond within and among teams but they still fail to include the spirit of teamwork in their methodologies, processes, and skills. The result, they fall short of maximizing the benefits that they can reap from this conscious and intelligent effort.

In order for teamwork to blossom, all of the different members of the organization must first understand how this takes place. They must have a clear idea of its precursors. While many executives, managers, and employees believe that no organization can exist in the absence of employees that work as teams, they often do not have a sound idea of how it actually comes to being. There have been tons and tons of research studies that have been made on the foundations of teamwork and oftentimes, they mention three common things that are responsible for this to be present in organizations: responsibility, skills, and accountability.

Responsibility does not only mean responsibility over one’s actions and decisions. It extends to treating each team mate in a manner that creates more respect. While being responsible for one’s self enables you to achieve things and bring you the next level, it also enables the whole team to follow in your footsteps. However, this can almost not be possible without respect.

It is also important for the organization to develop its business as well as its life skills. Being part of an organization does not only require you to act professionally or in a purely business-like manner. It will also require you to apply a lot of life skills especially when it comes to dealing with others and in decision-making.

Then there is accountability. Each member of the organization must be accountable not only for himself but also for others. Accountability is the bond that enables the team to celebrate success and help each member during depressing times. It is simply enjoying the moment when the organization is able to hit a milestone and it is that will to keep each other going when times prove to be challenging.

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As the project manager, there are several actions you can take to foster effective teamwork in your project…

Project Vision and Objectives

Clearly define and communicate your project’s vision and objectives to all project members. This is important for overall coordination of the project team by making sure everyone is moving in the same direction.

Roles and Responsibilities

Make sure all project members understand what their role is and what their responsibilities are. This is important for setting expectations among all of the project stakeholders.

Encourage Collaboration

Create a project environment where problem-solving and decision-making are done in a collaborative and participative manner. This is important for empowering the team and encouraging active involvement in the project.

Build Trust

Create an environment of trust by modeling the behavior you desire from your team by communicating openly, supporting win/win approaches, and respecting others. This is important for showing the team that you trust them and encouraging mutual trust among each other.

Taking action in these four areas will set the foundation for effective teamwork and team building. This is the basis for developing a high-performing team and a successful project.

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In the popular TV series, the A-Team gets the better of their adversaries and sends them packing with a parting shot- “next time, don’t get a squad, get a good team”. When Liverpool Football Club of England lost the Champions League Finals to AC Milan, the coach Rafa Benitez said “we lost to a better team”. Lawyers attribute their success in court to their legal team, doctors to their medical team and even politicians to their team of advisers. An outstanding player in a sports team usually attributes his success on the field of play to the efforts of his teammates. Life is a team sport.

Your success in life depends largely on those you include on your team; knowingly or otherwise. They could make or mar you. In any game, each player has a definite position to play and a particular task to handle. His ability to execute his task perfectly well is vital to the overall success of the team as it is only as strong as its weakest link. The defender in soccer must ensure that he marks the dangerman he is assigned to as a moment of distraction may give the match to the opponent.

Many make the mistake of placing their entire hopes on a teammate. This is not ideal. Inasmuch as you must rely on your teammate, you must never overestimate his abilities or for that matter underestimate those of your adversaries.

You must map out the areas in your life which need to be covered for you to succeed and go about getting people to fill those positions. These people must not just fill; they must man those positions well and must have the overall collective goal in mind as the guiding principle for all their actions.

Each must understand that one of all will take a lot of credit but each team member is as important as the other. Sacrifice is a keyword in team sport. Each person must be ready to sacrifice for the overall benefit of the team.

As I mentioned in an earlier article (Winning: Never Too Late) “If you can understand the spirit behind success in sports, you can understand the spirit behind success in life generally and live a fulfilling life”.