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If you’re an internet marketer who is outsourcing your content creation to an article ghost writer, I’ve got a good tip for you.  There are lots of writers out there, and many of them have a little bit of expertise somewhere else.  For example, some can do some programming, some can make videos, some have a tech background and so on. 


But since you’re an internet marketer, why not hire an article ghost writer who has some experience with IM?  This is a great way to make sure that you and your ghostwriter are “on the same page.”  There are several reasons why this is a good arrangement.


It Makes Communication Easier


An article ghost writer who is also a marketer will have a good understanding of the IM lingo.  For example, if you say “These are autoresponder messages,” they’ll know exactly what that is without having to ask you.  They’ve probably done an autoresponder themselves, so they’ll know the drill completely.


They Can Handle Other Marketing Needs


A writer with an IM background may be able to help you in more ways than just supplying content.  If you’re having them write marketing articles for you, they can also do submissions and manage your account.  You can pay them a little extra to spend some time each week monitoring your article stats and building more backlinks.  This turns them from simply an article ghost writer to an all-around virtual assistant.


Expertise That Can Make Great Content


Finally, if you’re in the IM niche, your article ghost writer can use their knowledge of this niche to create your content.  There are lots of “secrets” in the trade that only somebody who has done it before would know.  For example, if you hire them to write an eBook on product creation, they can write from their first-hand experience creating their own.  They don’t have to research and get information second-hand. 


Knowing about internet marketing is a great skill for an article ghost writer.  If you hire one who is also a marketer, they can give your content an edge that other writers can’t.  They can write from experience and handle extra tasks for you, making them much more than just your ghostwriter.  You can find yourself a full-scale virtual assistant who can handle all your content creation needs and much more.

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Just playing around in the metaverse

The internet is a huge source of information. What makes you credible to search engines is the value of the information you put out.

Article PR is a tool that has become more common in just the last few years. It is a term that defines the ability to broadcast your knowledge and expertise to your prospective clients via the internet – namely article directories. These article directories or “banks”, as they are sometimes referred to, are depositories of online information that can then be distributed elsewhere… for free. Wouldn’t you like it if people found your articles and felt them useful enough to use them in their own newsletters, magazines, ezines, etc.? You are probably asking yourself why they would do that and what would be the value to them and then to you?

They do it because they are not experts on your subject and in the ongoing effort to provide quality content to their clients, they want experts that have already done the leg work for them. Using your content positions them as being a helpful source of information, which gives their customers more reasons to want to regularly stay in touch with them (and not just get blasted with promotions). The byproduct is that you get “unsolicited” coverage and possibly even clients.

The direct value to you is that your name, your company name and your website are all in tact in the article. Article PR works on the honor system. Anyone is allowed to use your articles as long as they keep the bio of the author and their website link intact. How cool is that?

The value of Article PR invaluable because it can create the perception that you have been around a long time, even if you have not, and that you are an expert in what you do. Article PR is basically a way to get useful content out about your topic of expertise. And as long as you write useful information that actually does help, then you are golden.

There is a right way to get your articles written, communicated and directed to the online directories that matter. What matters? The ones that will get you the best Return On Investment – higher page rankings, more unique visitors, more referring URLs and domains.

What else matters? Critical mass – you can create such an overwhelming amount of useful information on the internet from all sorts of sources, all linking back to your site organically that you become the expert in your industry. It is the foundation for other more targeted PR, like social media, print, radio and TV. Journalists will also start to be one of your fans – and that breeds reputation and credibility…which ties in perfectly with the next piece of the PR puzzle called Reputation Management.

After handling the PR for an Inc 500 company for several years Karla Jo Helms was ready to launch out on her own allowing her to bring her unique take on the world of PR to businesses both large and small. “Public Relations is a powerful tool that can garner wide acceptance and delve into arenas that marketing cannot touch,” says Karla Jo, PR Strategist and Published Author. Helms got her start creating and implementing PR Strategies for entrepreneurs, which helped her develop a keen eye for how to hone in on the best use of PR and technology to increase the Return On Investment of one’s marketing dollars. Her theory on how attaining critical mass by utilizing all areas of PR and Marketing in today’s world allows her to put together complete strategies for clients that attain measurable results. A background in sales, business management and media relations has given her the well-rounded understanding of how to harness the power of PR to communicate to diverse groups of people…the end result being a wider sphere of influence and the invaluable commodity of goodwill garnered on a broad basis for her clients.

Our lives have been enriched with advances in technology in most spheres. Whether it is communication, entertainment, getting access to information or even going about our day-to-day tasks of shopping or banking, commuting and so on, the role used by technology cannot be over emphasized.

This is one area that is constantly undergoing changes and it is reflected within the many utility items which are rendered obsolete using the advent of newer and much more powerful entrants. Take personal computers, mobile phones, music players and other such daily use items. Because of the constant enhancements in technology, the older models are being continuously substituted for newer ones.

If you are a technology addict or are extremely interested in following a developments in this space, what are your choices?

In earlier days, you could read about advances in technology only with the print medium and tech specific magazines. Now because of the Internet, any update on anything under the sun is only a look away. You have access to a number of technology related blogs, sites and articles to understand about the technological advances made in most fields. The best aspect of this really is that most details are relevant, authentic and you can use them. If you wish to, you can even compare information given across different sites and come to your own conclusions in regards to a particular news item.

The most recent technology news on the web is not susceptible to any type of pressure – political, economical or geographical. All news get equal attention irrespective of their source and since there is something or even the other happening all the time, this is one area which is self fueling.

The various technological sites and blogs have repeated visitors and lots of healthy discussion also takes place through the discussion boards on such sites. This fosters swapping of communication between sitting around the globe and results in moment spent proficiently.

As mentioned, if you’re a gadget crazy individual, you only need to visit some of these sites to understand about the latest software, gadget being developed or being tested. You can even give honest feedback towards the manufacturer and therefore help in the creation of yet another wonderful utility product.

Find out the latest technology news and many other computer related issues, reviews, updates, etc at the computer help website. –

Evans Tuning shows you how to build a B-Series Honda engine.

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Evans Tuning shows you how to build a B-Series Honda engine.

Need an engine built? Visit
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