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An article made a claim about the future of the fantasy genre, and how Game of Thrones will be the last of its kind. Lets talk about that, shall we?

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Article 13 threatens the free and open internet. Act now!
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The final vote of Article 13 (now changed to Article 17) of the EU Copyright Directive is going to take place on March 26th. We don’t have much time left! Consider contacting your local MEPs and voice your concerns. There’s also going to be real life protests all over Europe on March 23rd! See which MEPs have pledged to do the right thing and vote against Article 13:

Article 13 will legally force platforms like YouTube to use upload filters to automatically block any detected copyrighted content. Fair use transformative content, such as memes, parodies and criticism, already gets unfairy claimed or striked by greedy labels on a regular basis as it is. Article 13 can only make things even worse than they are now for European creators. Here’s more information about the dangers of Article 13:

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