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An English grammar lesson – learn about definite and indefinite articles (A and THE).

When to say “the” and when NOT to say “the” with uncountable nouns in English. How can potatoes and hungry octopuses help you to learn grammar?

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Articles in English part 1 (Singular nouns):
Articles in English part 2 (Plural nouns):

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The House Judiciary Committee on Friday approved three articles of impeachment against U-S president Bill Clinton.

A fourth article will be considered on Saturday.

Voting divided along party lines, with Republicans for impeaching Clinton, while Democrats voted against the articles.

As the sun went down on the United States capital on Friday, members of the House Judiciary Committee began voting on Article One of the four articles of Impeachment.

This concerned Clinton’s testimony to the Grand Jury on August 17th, specifically whether he lied about his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

And, try as they might, the President’s supporters were not able to break overcome the Republican majority.

UPSOUND committee members voting for impeachment
UPSOUND committee members voting against impeachment
UPSOUND official announcing result of count
UPSOUND committee chairman Henry Hyde signalling approval of first article of impeachment

The President knew it was coming.

Minutes before voting began, he was in the Rose Garden trying to influence those members who have not made up their minds about what to do next week.

That’s when the impeachment issue is expected to be considered by the full House of Representatives.

The president said he would accept censure, but still did stopped short of admitting he lied.

SOUNDBITE: (English)
“I must also be at peace with the fact that the public consequences of my actions are in the hands of the American people and their representatives in the Congress. Should they determine that my errors of word and deed require their rebuke and censure, I am ready to accept that.”
SUPER CAPTION: Bill Clinton, U.S. President

Meanwhile, back on Capitol Hill, a lone protester paced back and forth in front of the building where the Judiciary Committee was now considering Article Two.

This concerned the president’s testimony in the Paula Jones deposition given last January, four days before the Monica Lewinsky story broke.

While many members of Congress watched the president’s speech, this did not change any minds on the Committee.

Article Two passed, again on party lines.

UPSOUND – Voting on second article of impeachment
UPSOUND – Official announcing result
UPSOUND – Chairman Hyde announces second article is agreed to

Nearly ten hours after the committee began on Friday morning, the third article of impeachment was presented for debate and passed.

Outside committee members were sticking to party lines.

SOUNDBITE: (English)
“There are an awful lots of facts and I think those facts clearly bring me to the conclusion that this president has abused his powers, he’s committed perjury, he’s obstructed justice and deserves to be removed from office.”
SUPER CAPTION: Representative Steve Chabot, Republican, Ohio

SOUNDBITE: (English)
“The standard for future presidential impeachments will be lowered, inherently weakening the presidential office and I’m concerned that the financial markets will feel the effect of this with an adverse effect on the nations economy. For all of these reasons the sensible conclusion now is to vote articles of impeachment down and to approve the resolution of censure that admonishes this conduct of the president.”
SUPER CAPTION: Representative Rich Boucher, Democrat, Virginia

Tomorrow, the committee takes up the fourth article of impeachment concerning abuse of power.

After that vote, Democrats will have their chance to bring an alternative resolution of censure before the committee.

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