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Top 10 Sinister Moves Made By Tobacco Companies — TopTenzNet

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Tobacco companies get a bad rap, presumably because they make profits by giving people all sorts of cancer. This article probably isn’t going to help their case, since we’re talking about nothing but the horrible depths they’ve sunk to keep cancer profitable, but it sure is interesting.

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10. Free Cigarettes For Soldiers
9. Suppressing The World Health Organization
8. Trying To Take Down China
7. Paying Scientists To Play Down The Link Between Smoking And Alzheimer’s
6. Making Smoking Fashionable
5. Trying To Defraud The Government Of A Billion Dollars
4. Targeting Children, Then Denying It
3. Convincing Women To Smoke, For Feminism
2. Supporting Human Rights Abuse
1. Refusing To Inform People About How Dangerous Smoking Is

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