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If you do any kind of content marketing and don’t use Unique Article Wizard, you need to to consider this tool.

I used UAW before the introduction of the UAW PRO version… mainly for good quality backlinks from article directories and some social backlinks and sharing.

If you do SEO, this is a great tool because the backlinks are of high quality AND you can drip feed so that links are distributed from 1-25 per day. No limits on the amount of articles you can submit for distribution.

I have also used the plugin which provides guest posting content for my blogs. You can pick the category and frequency of posts.

UAW PRO now provides a lot more services. You can purchase articles for your blogs are content marketing and you can have your content distribution done for you. What a huge time-saver!

In addition, you can have Unique Article Wizard create different author personas with profiles to be attached to different projects… and the icing on the cake…. if you are an SEO and building your own blog network, you can use Unique Article Wizard to create content for your blog, submit content for content marketing, get backlinks and do social sharing FOR YOU.

This is a very cool tool. For more detail, check out my blog at

Hope you’ve enjoyed the Unique Article Wizard Review!

Video Rating: / 5 – In this video, I go over how I use Unique Article Wizard to create nearly a thousand backlinks from a single spun article, which I use to power anchor sites that are linked to a primary niche site
Video Rating: / 5

Do you wish you could put out hundreds of articles on the internet, with a minimal amount of work? With Magic Article Rewriter, you can do that. This top-notch article rewriter by Alexander Krulik allows you to take your articles and change them to articles that can be rewritten into thousands of readable articles. You could post one version to your blog, submit several to article websites, and post another group to web 2.0 sites. By placing this extra content on highly ranked web sites, you will bemaking high quality backlinks back to your site which help to increase your results in the search engines.

Unlike other article spinners, Magic Article Rewriter does not machine spin your articles. You do have to put in some labor to make sure your articles are rewritten properly. However, the software includes some really handy features that makes the rewriting process much easier. Usually, when you spin an article you have to insert the spin code manually. If you go through this process manually, you will see this requires a lot of work.Magic Article Rewriter solves this problem by including several features that make article rewriting easier.

Start by importing one of your articles into the program. Activate the spinning tool and then select the text you would like to spin. The software then shows you many possible synonyms to choose from to use as a variation. Magic Article Rewriter has a built in database of over 30,000 synoynms which makes it easy to come up with alternate text. You can select as many synonyms as you want, and the variations will be inserted back into your article. Using the spinning tool, you can go through your entire article and transform it into something unique.

Perhaps the most important feature of Magic Article Rewriter is the token feature.It allows you to save your set of synonyms together as tokens. With a click of the mouse, the software will replace all the tokens you have saved with their variations. As you use the software more and more, you will start to build up a large database of tokens, which makes spinning your articles faster and easier. This is the one feature of Magic Article Rewriter that other article spinners dont have.The more you use Magic Article Rewriter, the easier and more efficient it becomes.

Say no to duplicate content. Increase your traffic and sales with Magic Article Rewriter

Unique Article Wizard has the reputation of being the very best online tool for article promotion; but could it be well worth all of the hype? On this Unique Article Wizard review, we’ll analyze a few things about this app that speak for themselves.

Broad Submission:

It’s not necessary to physically submit your articles to websites and wait for confirmation emails with UAW; it does all the article marketing for you behind the scenes. Your content is approved and submitted with 24 hours (compared to one to two weeks because of its competition). After that it immediately posts multiple versions of the articles to thousands of websites, blogs, and specialist websites within its large network, and replies to verification e-mails immediately. On top of that, it submits your articles to niche sites relevant to your keywords and category selection.

Internet search engine Placement:

UAW enables you to instantly create several versions of the identical article, by adjusting the titles, authors, source boxes, and anchor texts. Search engines will index your content on the new websites within two or three days. Because of these many versions of the same article, it might appear several times within the engines like google. If you’re able to dominate the first page of search engine results through article marketing, you will get plenty of traffic to your back linked website.

Outsourcing is Okay!

While using system to its fullest requires writing and rewriting lots of articles, which can be time intensive and boring. What lots of people don’t understand, however, is that the article does not have to be compiled by YOU, it just needs to be unique. The difficulty of writing can be outsourced. The web site, for instance, will write UAW-friendly articles or blog posts for you for a fee.

Downsides: No Unique Article Wizard analysis would be complete and not mention a minumum of one downside. Because of the plugins that webmasters can also add to their blogging software, almost any blog can join the UAW network when needed. Although this increases your prospective readership, additionally , it means you’ve minor control over where your articles will end up. Although most of the websites in UAW’s network are of fairly good quality, there is a chance your articles might end up on low quality blogs.

From my experience, and also the reason I wrote this excellent Article Wizard overview, I’m convinced this system is the most effective form of submission of content.

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