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Checking out some web articles during the lead up to the release of Hansen vs Predator. The author did a good job but the comments section stole the show!
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Just use one of the coolest and most useful bookmarklets ever!

Where to get the bookmarklet?
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Don’t let your memes be dreams, people!

If you don’t want the web as we know it to come to an end, consider joining a protest in your local area.

Protests around the EU

#stopACTA2 events

Raise your voice and act now

Act Now

Disclaimer: This parody song and video do NOT advocate the use of violence and/or spitting on others at demonstrations.
Please protest peacefully 🙂

#article13 #saveyourinternet #stopACTA2 #memeban #deletearticle13
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head to to read the full long ass article about the Prophet 12 and Novation Ultranova.
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How to write content for website – To write website content that is found by Google and ranks in the search results, you need to follow a proven strategy. This starts with first understanding your audience and knowing their pain points and what they want.

To know how to write great content for your website or blog, you must start with finding a good keyword. The keyword will define what you will write about on your website page or blog post. It must have a decent volume of searches but at the same time, be low competition so you can easily rank for it.

How to write content for your website:

1) Research a high volume, low competition longtail keyword
2) Make sure you have YOAST SEO installed
3) Include keyword in Title, H1, URL, Body, and Meta Description
4) Make sure your website content reads naturally and flows
5) Get social shares, likes and high authority & relevant backlinks

How to write great web content (copywriting tips):

1) Grab your reader’s attention with a powerful headline
2) Engage your audience with a “hook” to get them to read to the end
3) Cater to their needs/wants/pain points & add massive value
4) Have a call to action at the end for next steps

How to write website content with good seo? You don’t have to be a “writer” to write good content for your website. You just need to follow a step-by-step system that works. When you watch this video on “how to write content for website”, you’ll know exactly where and how to start.

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Therefore, how to write content for website offers, is to get the attention of your prospect with the very first line. This is why spending time to craft your headline is worth every minute you invest. Write 100 headlines, then pick the best one out of those.

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Web article assignment examples Nutr 150
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