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10 Simple Habits to Lose Weight Naturally

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How many times a year do you start a new diet? Weight loss doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated. All you have to do is build simple habits to see the weight come off.
Here are ten scientifically proven tips on how to achieve your dream body in almost no time.

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Combat The Fat military weight loss program to burn fat, lose weight, build muscle like a U.S. soldier!

Can walking around catching Pokémon really be considered exercise? What about different consoles? Can you plug one in and skip the gym?

How Exercise Improves Your Memory –
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Gotta catch’em all! Pokémon GO and physical activity among young adults: difference in differences study
“Games that incentivise exercise might have the potential to promote and sustain physical activity habits. Because walking is encouraged while playing, Pokémon GO has been suggested to increase physical activity and improve public health, but these claims have been based on anecdotal evidence.”

How Many Steps a Day Should You Really Walk?
“If you pluck someone off the street, whether in New York or Wichita or Seattle or Sacramento, and ask them how many steps people should aim for per day in order to get enough physical activity, they’ll probably tell you 10,000.”

Using Avatars to Model Weight Loss Behaviors: Participant Attitudes and Technology Development
“Virtual reality and other avatar-based technologies are potential methods for demonstrating and modeling weight loss behaviors. This study examined avatar-based technology as a tool for modeling weight loss behaviors.”


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Written By: Donna Foronda

The best latest articles on weight loss products and information online. When you are fit you feel better about yourself. Effective weight loss tips which can be added to your daily life style. Best weight loss tips online at
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If you have determined to lose weight, you must make sure of reducing it in a healthy way. There are instances when people lose considerable amount of weight and then again gain it. This process of rapid reduction and increase of the weight is known as yo-yo weight, which might lead to many health risks. In fact you should be highly careful while selecting the ideal weight loss regime for you. Many of the regimes instruct dieters to go for crash diets and rigorous schedule of exercise which might not keep the dieter motivated for a prolonged period of time. In case you are willing to reduce weight in a healthy way try out the following weight loss tips.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Before going for a healthy weight loss schedule you must be aware of the fact that our body responds well with slow changes. You must take up steps that promote weight loss at slow pace.

Activity Levels

Try to increase the activity level of your body. You can reduce weight considerably if you perform exercises regularly even without lowering the quantity of food you take in. The more you exercise the more amount of calories or fat you burn and hence, your weight gets reduced. In case you hate going to gyms a short but brisk walk for about 20 minutes would help your body get rid of extra weight.

Calorie Intake

You must stress on the ways to reduce the intake of calorie. The following are some food items that you must avoid in order to stay away from calorie consumption.

• Avoid drinking carbonated or fizzy drinks and drink water or fruit cordials instead.
• Go for semi skimmed or skimmed milk.
• Maintain consumption of small quantity of food as lunch. You may have one or two pieces of sandwich in lunch. But you must avoid adding butter or margarine to them. Have home made sandwiches as stored ones for sale often contain large quantities of butter.
• Do not have large meals after huge time gap. You would rather end up eating less in case you take in small meals within small intervals.
• Do not opt for sugary treats. In fact you are advised to add no sugar in tea or coffee.

Keep checking your weight from time to time. You must be patient and focus on the weight loss schedule with full enthusiasm. After attending your ideal weight you should make sure of following a regime of proper diet and exercise for maintaining the right weight.

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Don’t Fall For These Weight Loss Gimmicks!
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Five Common Diet Tips That Really Work–And Why
Five Healthy Weight Loss Tips
Helping Your Child Lose Weight
How Much Weight Should You Gain During Pregnancy
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