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Subject to the few legal restrictions, articles govern the appointment of directors. The provisions of Table A or the new model articles are very widely adopted but many variations are possible and sometimes encountered. …

Dayz Standalone has just been announced for PlayStation 4 (PS4) at Gamescom 2014! There will most likely be more platforms to follow.

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Dayz started as a mod back in 2012 and was later released as a standalone game. It started on Arma 2, and then it used a modified engine from Take On Helicopters made by Bohemia Interactive. The creator of Dayz is Dean Hall and he now works with Bohemia Interactive as the lead for Dayz (for the remainder of the year). It is the zombie survival sandbox genre.

Dayz being announced for the PS4 caused a lot of arguments. Dean Hall announced it would arrive to the Playstation 4 in the next 3 years. He also stated on Reddit that it will most likely arrive on other platforms such as Linux and Xbox. Development for Dayz on PC will not be halted, as they are having a separate team work on the console version.


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The Dos and Don’ts of Reposting Articles in Your Blog

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What do articles mean? How changing articles changes sense in sentences?

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Что означают артикли? Как замена артикля влияет на смысл предложения?

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What a terrible thing to do
to one who loves you
When the touch of your skin means everything to him
And to you, it means almost nothing

What a terrible thing to feel
the guilt of not letting someone heal
A familiar touch, but without a kiss
because that would just mean too much

Oh, and I may never find
someone to love me as much as you do
To go ahead and remind you,
What a terrible thing to do

Tears roll down my cheeks
But I do not want you to stop
Somehow it feels better when you know it’s wrong
And I know this is probably wrong

The walls of this apartment
make my stomach turn
Can’t look around at the place that I’ve found
too much good and bad time spent

Oh, and I may never find
someone to love me as much as you do
To go ahead and remind you,
What a terrible thing to do

So hold it against me now, hold it against me
that I held you against me again
But you will not convince me, no
You will not convince me
that this should ever happen again
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According to J.I. Packer, the 39 Articles are Didactic, Declaratory, Defensive and Doxological.

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“What a Terrible Thing to Do” off of Why It Was So – EP.

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