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Article Meaning

Video shows what article means. A part or segment of something joined to other parts, or, in combination, forming a structured set.. A story, report, or opinion piece in a newspaper, magazine, journal, etc.. A member of a group or class. article pronunciation. How to pronounce, definition by Wiktionary dictionary. article meaning. Powered by MaryTTS

How to learn articles in English grammar for kids : a, an, the
In this video I will tell you a an the use in english. First you should know about the meaning of articles, article means a thing. Here we used a this you can correlate it to a,an and the.
A is used with word starting by consonants. For example:a man, a boy, etc.
An is used with words starting with a vowel sound not only the vowel i.e. an apple, an orange, an hour.
The is used with
1. It comes before the names of famous or renowned persons.
2. When one and only one thing exists.ex. sun, moon, etc.
3. In the next sentence for the previous noun in the same paragraph. For example: there was a crow. The crow was very thirsty.
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