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This is an introduction to writing a discussion section for a research paper or thesis, suitable for people undertaking a Masters and PhD, or writing up a research report for publication for the first time.

My paper referred to in this vid:
Levack, W. M. M., Jones, B., Grainger, R., Boland, P., Brown, M., & Ingham, T. (2016). Whakawhanaungatanga: the importance of culturally-meaningful connections to improve uptake of pulmonary rehabilitation by Māori with COPD – a qualitative study. International journal of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, 11, 489-501.
… which is free to download here:

Reference and other useful resources:
Hess, D. R. (2004). How to write an effective discussion. Respiratory Care,49(10), 1238-1241.
San Franciso Edit –
The Thesis Whisperer –
How do I start my discussion chapter?
Dr. Mihaela Vorvoreanu –
Patter –

William Levack is an Associate Professor in Rehabilitation and Academic Head of the Rehabilitation Teaching & Research Unit (RTRU) in the Department of Medicine at University of Otago Wellington, New Zealand.

Twitter: @DrLevack
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How to review articles by MS
by Dr.Aziz I. Abdulla
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The FAQs of a Journal are already listed in a previous video.

Now, a Springer Journal is taken and explained how to see FAQ for the possible publication in the journal
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Tara provides options, strategies and key questions to explore when considering where to place a journal article. What is an effective match between journal and article? Tara introduces new tools to help PhD students and early career researchers, but also stresses the importance of momentum through the refereeing and publishing process.

View the presentation transcript and slides at the above link in the ASHA #CREdLibrary

Presented by Christy Ludlow, James Madison University.

This video is an excerpt from a longer session on “Building a Research Career” co-presented by Ray Kent and Christy Ludlow at the November 2013 ASHA Convention.

Christy Ludlow highlights important considerations for early-stage investigators in selecting a journal, as well as section-by-section advice for creating figures and organizing results and information.
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Clare Llewellyn (UK)