Child Abuse Between Races! (Social Experiment)

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Child Abuse Between Races! (Social Experiment)

Child Abuse Between Races! (Social Experiment)
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  1. Jake pooler says:

    Do more

  2. Lovefranchezka lasalle says:

    poor kiddow so bad

  3. Shoaib zahid says:

    0:46 respect for that man…seriously?????

  4. The flying Potato says:

    he is 9 years old?

  5. SkitsfromSam says:

    I am egyption????

  6. M M Meow says:

    So these kids get payed to be beaten up?

  7. SkillZ Hub says:

    The little boy will hate youtube after this beacause you are destroying him???

  8. Recess Puff Alex says:

    LOL, damnn he closelined that lady lmaoo

  9. Khaleb Production says:

    He pushed that hoe

  10. TBNRnaaih says:

    props to this kid

    he has taken a beat

    even tho its a social experiment ❤️

  11. Jehdh Yyeueud says:

    Faze rug? ?

  12. Ruqshana Amiri says:

    People are the same. cause of color people think there different that's bad

  13. JB P says:

    These brothers aren't white, though, are they? They look Syrian or Iranian or something. Also, never met any white people who name their kids Omar.

  14. PugLife73 says:

    I don't think it matters what race it's just that almost everyone knows it's wrong

  15. HennaAmerica's Funtastic stuff says:

    “Kick him and I’ll kick you” dies

  16. Xx_ Kathleen _xX says:

    On 2:34 did anyone else see the squirrel?

  17. xxqueenofanime says:

    When i look at all the things that man does to the child i know i was abused as a kid

  18. Fernando Pinateran says:

    Damm he pushed her

  19. Angelina Lee says:

    Aye Aye What The Flip Ur Doing

  20. Elol C says:

    The man abused the lady and pushed her rude

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