Saturday, October 1, 2016

We MUST buy products made in the USA/EU/JAP ONLY.

Do NOT support this violation of human rights!!!






IF you have any questions (concerning companies’ abuses, etc.) please feel free to ask me =)

Products Made in the USA Directory


  1. Devil Slayer The Saint Of Killers says:

    First of all made in America, Europe, and Japan products are hard to come by and because they cost more will make it hard them to compete with such cheap labor, thus because chinese and indian labor is so cheap it's more common and ready available, so it's pretty hard to avoid! Second not buying these products would not only limit our lives but would make it hard for these third world workers to get paid and help their, so without work they will be left to starve and die! Third in order to really help them we fund to help change the infrastructure of these countries, but if that happens these companies would just move other areas where the labor is so cheap the workers would cost nothing like african child laborers and blood diamond workers!

  2. David Goga says:

    What can we do, the big corporations will always look for cheaper alternatives 

  3. dbgaming35 says:

    I got my iPod made in California 

  4. Winterfreak says:

    Why dislike this beautiful video? 8 dislikes til now.

  5. liu wen says:

    so many idiots who believe such rumors..

  6. Brendan Fluker says:

    How is not buying goods from
    China more morally right? People aren't forced physically to work at these factories because like slavery just like here it's there job. Taking away these goods wouldn't be the solution. The solution is providing unions to these countries. Y'all are ignorant 

  7. Andrew A says:

    Is Abercrombie & Fitch in this too?

  8. Adam Fius says:

    Evil Bastards!!!!


  9. David McNerney says:

    Join the campaign to give a well-earned "thank you" to the kids who make our electronic toys.
    facebook (slash) ithankyouapplekids

  10. Jean-Paul Prost says:

    Ici mon choux toujours envie de suicider …

  11. Devyn Ou says:

    Screw child labor

  12. Stevidan Nwantoly says:

    they have no choice if they want to live 

  13. jaden2455 says:

    china and india are MEGA rich and america is pretty close……By any chance, would you happen to be in a mental hospital?

  14. adrian5b says:

    Well, that's because those countries have those minimum wages. If companies like Nike or such didn't exist, then such kids wouldn't even have those jobs. As shitty as they are, those jobs are still better than nothing.

    Plus Jesus Christ is not Lord. 

  15. naboria5 says:

    people should boicot these companies and give the production and manegment process for the people who consumes it. these people have other choice that is to fight for their freedom but is a risky move because the state is the one who maintains this envaironment for the money that these multibilionaire companies gave them for shutting there mouth.

  16. Arab Hallucinations says:

    This isnt slavery if they choose to work for them so i dont care

  17. Gregory Rodriguez says:

    After watching this video I feel very bad for these children and hope that god will have mercy on their souls. But then again I know that I shouldn't feel bad completely considering I'm not the one that's causing this problem. It's those huge companies. I just buy the products. And if I stop buying wouldn't that leave those kids with no jobs at all?

  18. Musketeers750 says:

    Ok we would all be starving INCLUDING THESE CHILDREN we wouldn't be able to afford for because EVERYTHING would be increased 700% we would put these kids into even more pain and we would also be hurting………..Oh and if you're so concerned, get off the computer watching videos and find a solution? Any solutions?? give me one that could work…..there isn't one it's just how it is…its unfair but true…..if everyone united peacefully, it wouldn't be like this but that will NEVER happen 

  19. motherstar1 says:

    you need to do more homework on these issues their origins, and what all is happening with fair trade and etc. doing what is right pays off. you must understand also that money is a symbol, only. it is backed by nothing but our agreement about it's worth. societies without market economies at all have less trouble than those that do, and by that i mean ones that if you offer them money for goods, they laugh at you since they don't use it. how money works can be changed because it's made-up

  20. motherstar1 says:

    i'd like to see you starve or live in slavery for a while, then say that. 

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