Childhood Obesity Prevention

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


To help preschoolers eat healthy, it is important to give them a large variety of food choices. At this age, the amount of any particular food they eat is much less important than having a well rounded diet. There was a time when families are living from agriculture. Everyone, including children, worked hard to survive.


One of the saddest epidemics we face as a nation, and even beyond, is the amount of kids dealing with childhood obesity. Gastric Bypass commonly known as stomach stapling is becoming a common practice by parents and doctors to curb the increasing rise in childhood obesity.


Childhood obesity is a horrible reality in America. The more I think about it the more angry I get. I am constantly hearing that people are wanting to sue the “Fast Food Chains ” or talking about all the fat in the foods at these places however Hello! Aren’t they the ones that take them there?


Children and teens, who are overweight or obese, as a general rule, don’t tend to reverse that trend as they age.  In fact, chances are pretty good that they’ll end up developing high cholesterol,Childhood obesity is on the rise. Today it is estimated that one in three children ages 2-19 is either severely overweight or obese.


If your child, son or daughter, is overweight or obese they are not alone. Today millions of our youth are grossly overweight. Whole foods are more than the sum of their individual parts. The combination of different chemicals, nutrients and fibers all provide greater benefit than if each were taken separately.


A recent Act passed by the Senate of our country with only 30 seconds of floor time will impact the diet of every school age child in this country. I for one cannot eat a meal without a salad first. I’m a firm believer that this is what maintains my overweight sibling’s cholesterol and sugar levels in top condition.


Reports continue to show that American children are continuing to be obese. What is more alarming is what this extra weight is really doing to our children’s bodies.One important piece to childhood obesity prevention is not using food as a reward. This can be harder than it sounds. When you take everyone in the family out for dinner as a treat,


Sadly, in our world, not just in America as you may have been told, we have a serious problem that must be addressed. Research from the Department of Health showed that one in three 10 year olds are obese and a quarter of five years olds are overweight.

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