China Building Huge Animal Cloning Factory

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

–China is building a massive animal cloning facility

–On the Bonus Show: Dave has an antisemitic incident over Thanksgiving break, a promising Li-Fi test, Blackberry to “exit” Pakistan, more…

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Broadcast on December 1, 2015
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  1. Henke Ria says:

    meat-industri can´t get worse as it is..
    to make it even cheaper will not help pur environment.

    …on the plus-side, maybe meat will be safe even from meat-industri to eat. they can clone strong animals with few or none defecs

    but we need to eat less of meat, specially cow.

  2. Ufuk Borucu says:

    Just become vegetarian already! No more worries about what meat to eat and what not. Also, it is the ethical thing to do.

  3. Ariel Marazzie says:

    As a vegan this kinda fucks me up lmao ….you didn't even touch on the ethics of eating animals in the fist place you should talk about Speciesism :)))

  4. youbuttface7 says:

    Logic predicted this, god dam

  5. Edgewalker001 says:

    I don't see any issue with eating lab grown meat, other than the fact that the process is still WAY too expensive. So cloned meat is almost fully natural as far as I'm concerned… =p
    I mean, you grow an animal and you get the meat off it, my body is only going to be interested in the protein that meat is made up of (Or rather, the amino acids that that protein is made up of.) so why should I even care about whether the meat comes from a clone or not?

  6. Rick Sanchez says:

    Fuck me. They stopped using growth hormones in Australia like 20 – 30 years ago.

  7. OscarProGuy says:

    Since it's in China, I don't mind, especially in Beijing.

  8. Sary Waffle says:

    David Go VEgan!! Or vegetarian!!

  9. Caleb N. says:

    666 views… I think it's a message

  10. Yukimabi says:

    Well if it's stopping them from illegally hunting everything, i'm okay with it. The main reason why clones die off so early is because of the fact they are cloned from older cells that already have telomeres that are already shortened from existing cell divisions.

  11. cagedtigersteve says:

    Don't all Chinese look alike already?

  12. cagedtigersteve says:

    There's no way anything that cost 31 million has equipment anything significant.

  13. Dou ahou says:

    China should clone Bruce Lee

  14. toyotaprius79 says:

    $31 million, for a factory that specializes in cloning to me seems like a horrible idea. A horribly underfunded one.

  15. Snaiper Suji Mayne says:

    GMOfobics in 3, 2, 1…

  16. Shady Lane says:

    cloning only seems to solve the problem of supply and demand.
    anyone else curious to see the progression of lab-grown meat? I hope it will become commercially-viable in my lifetime, we'll see.

  17. Xipo86 says:

    i call myself a part time vegetarian but i would never eat ny cloned meat. Better no meat then cloned.. So no thanks.

  18. Glen F says:

    I'm with David on this one. The Mediterranean diet comes closer to the root of the issues. And I love my burgers!

  19. TJ B says:

    If you have trouble with eating cloned meat then just GO VEGAN already.

  20. Valo56 says:

    Ethics of animal cloning? As opposed to the ethics of animal breeding?

    The "other side's" hands aren't clean, either. The fact is we need to eat these animals and until we can grow meat or we all magically become vegan, there will continue to be such a thing as "livestock."

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