Chinese Articles Part 1

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Learn common articles in Chinese
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Do you ever find yourself reading a Chinese article on the web and wish you could study a character further? Here is how.
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  1. Business Office says:

    Thank you very much !!!!

  2. Ella Edward says:

    Can anyone tell me what the other article number words are, like how er becomes liang? Which numbers change and to what

  3. Meihar Chin says:

    Thank you, Becky. I enjoy your lessons

  4. JJJ J says:

    Love your videos….. Thanks again.

  5. 39thala says:

    Her explanation about 张 zhāng is not quite accurate for you all, so I'll clarify somewhat so you don't get confused. Zhāng is not a classifier used for paper products or furniture in general as she indicated, but rather it's a classifier for 'flat objects', such as sheets of paper, photographs or desks etc. Because there are other paper products and furniture that use different classifiers (measure words). For example a book would use the word, 本 běn meant for volumes of something or files etc. Or a chair (a piece of furniture obviously) would use the classifier, 把 bǎ for things that are gripped with the hand. I know some of the words you might not completely understand why they are used for certain objects because logically it would seem they could be used in several different classifications, but it's best just to accept that certain measure words are used in certain ways and you just have to memorize them.

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  7. Arun Pai says:

    Awesome thank you

  8. Raymond Chamberland says:

    Xiexie nin

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    I love your classes more vds please, xiexie

  10. kim woo bill says:

    Absolutely fantastic! Thanks for teaching me.

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    Love your videos

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