Choose Science As Your Career

Friday, November 4, 2016

Developing science and technology leads to the education and study in this field. Nanotechnology originates from micro electronics and grow fastly. It supports playing around with molecules and using them for any application.


Similarly robotics is an area where lot of development is going to take place.


Biotechnology is influencing two main areas – agriculture & health care. In agricultural sciences, biotechnologists work in improvement of crops(bigger size, better yield), development of bio-insecticides, tissue culture and in pharmaceutical research, they work in development of new vaccines & diagnostic procedures. These are research based jobs and individuals work with research organizations like Department of Biotechnology, IGIB, hospitals like AIIMS and pharma companies like Ranbaxy, Dr. Reddy’s, Cipla, Monsanto etc. This is a fast growing field as lot of research work is flowing to India from countries like US.


Astrophysics is the study of the physical nature of stars, galaxies & universe. Astronomers/astrophysicists find work in defense and space research organizations, with electrical and electronic equipment and search navigation equipment manufacturers.


Bio-medical engineering involves the application of engineering techniques and principles to medicine and biology. Most bio-medical engineers are employed in hospitals or by companies manufacturing medical equipment.


Geographic Information Systems Specialists: GIS is a technology that attaches a database to an electronic map. The map is in electronic format, where it can be scaled up and down as per requirement. GIS technology can be used for scientific investigations, resource management and development planning.


Bioinformatics performs two critical roles: it develops tools embodying novel algorithms and analytical techniques, or applies existing tools to achieve new insights into molecular biology in testing, documentation, running operating procedures and database administration, programming, software development, algorithm creation and scientific visualization.


Food Technology in the study of science related to processing of food stuffs. This processing involves preservation of fruits, sea food, meats, cooked foods, vegetables, juices and beverages and the manufacturing of confectionery, snacks, food stuffs as well as packaging of these & marketing.


Gaming Technology is hot & exciting area which lets individuals work on programming, creative & complete creation of computer games.


Agriculture has become a major industry and is going to grow by leaps & bounds after 2005 when GATT (General Agreement on Trade & Tariffs) forced other countries to relax their restrictions on agricultural import. Individuals with a background in agricultural science (engineering or BSc) work as agricultural scientists, agri-machinery industry, agricultural education, banking(technical officers), farming, conservation, agricultural management.


This sector also receives a number of inputs(capital, electricity, tax exemptions) from the government and hence would continue to grow fast.


Homeopathy & indigenous medicine areas like Ayurveda, Unani have been prevalent for a number of years. Though jobs are available in hospitals & nursing homes, this can present good entrepreneurial opportunities wherein one can start on one’s own.


Hospital & big nursing homes utilize sophisticated diagnostic & therapeutic equipments to assist the medical practitioner. Medical Lab Technology courses equip an individual to pursue careers in this field.


With growing awareness of quality of life, Nutrition & Dietetics assumes great importance in day to day life. Career opportunities are available in hospitals, nursing homes, specialized clinics like VLCC & others or one can practice on one’s own also. They might also work with food companies in their research & development departments.


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