Christian Articles And The Supernatural Impartation Of Faith

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Christian articles provide a foundation of truth for believers. Mature believers provide Christian blog sites that share truths for experiencing a victorious life. These sites provide divine insight into everyday activities that can boost your faith to see the miraculous, supernatural favor of God take place on your behalf

Christian articles are an effective way for believers on each level of their journey to experience new revelation which will renew the mind. The Word of God must come alive for you and become tangible. This is often easier when you utilize the assistance of a mature Christian leader to assist you by training you to walk in victory. Do not underestimate the value of Christian blog sites. Christian blogs are a tool used to provide multiple believers across the world with the ability to continue on their day-to-day journey with Christ despite circumstances that may be denying the power of God.

Circumstances in your life may be denying the Word of God; however, you have the power to deny those circumstances access to your life. God’s Word is true. God’s Word does not return void. The Word of God is the final authority. The Bible creates a light for our path. It provides us with insight into daily living and Christian articles break down the truths provided the Word of God and allow us to partake of them on the level of our faith. It is kind of like the old cartoon Popeye. Popeye would say, I have enough! This is all I can take! And he would partake of spinach and he immediately he would have supernatural to overcome every challenge. This is the same privilege that believers have, as a believer you can say, I have had enough! And they can reach out and take the supernatural Word of God and receive strength to overcome. You can read articles posted on Christian blog sites and receive strength to overcome every challenge that has been thrown your way by the enemy. You can begin to experience the manifested blessings of God in your life.

Christian blogs are a valid way to receive a supernatural impartation of faith to overcome. The Bible tells us to fix our eyes upon Jesus and to continue on this journey with determination to overcome. Jesus has given us the key to overcome ALL the works of the enemy. The Bible clearly tells us that it is the enemy himself who comes to kill, steal, and destroy. Yet many philosophies are available that are fighting our ability to believe in the blessings offered to believers through the power of Jesus Christ. These philosophies tell us that God is making us sick to teach us something, these philosophies also tell us that being poor is another blessing from God. These wrong philosophies can cause us to accept sickness and poverty as if they come from our loving father. They simply do not come from our father! Take a dose of supernatural power to believe, it is available through church blogs that will assist you in standing against the enemy to experience breakthrough against sickness and poverty.

It is time to say like Popeye, I have had enough! And it is time to take your spiritual medicine which is the Word of God and stand against the enemy and see these patterns of defeat destroyed in your life. Reach out today and take the hand of a believer and receive supernatural strength to overcome by enjoying Christian blogs written by a strong and mature believer. is an excellent source for Christian articles and is designed to encourage pastors, church leaders, and all believers to continue fighting for the cause of their Faith. Author Bump Lumpkin delivers a fresh perspective through his creative use of the Christian article.

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