Clash Of Clans | MODDING BANS & CURRENT EVENTS! (Channel News!)

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Clash Of Clans | MODDING BANS & CURRENT EVENTS! (Channel News!)

Hey Clashers! Today in Clash of Clans we’ll review the recent wave of bans that hit a pretty decent portion of the community (both Fairplay and open Modders) last night. We’ll talk a bit about how they should set the stage to a brighter competitive future of Clash of Clans without cheats, hacks, and third party infiltration.

We’ll also touch on Engineered bases (again), and I wanted to make a couple personal announcements around what games I’ll be playing, my upload schedule, AND the HUGE charity event that will be highlighted on my next Clash of Clans upload.

If you’d like to take a look at the cause and make any early donations you can read up on it more here:

The forum post announcing the fairplay stance and upcoming bans:

Galadon’s video on the modding bans:

Powebang’s video on the modding bans:

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  1. Mike White says:

    congrats on the house…it's a big step in life

  2. ‫عراق الخير HAIDER‬‎ says:


  3. Divyanshu Singh says:

    Using bluestacks is fair right? dont wanna take any risks

  4. zohaid saad says:

    my both acconts got banned th 10 and th 9

  5. Ali Arslan says:

    #i provide trojan charity

  6. Art Emis says:

    Congratulations on buying a house! Its a very rewarding experience.

  7. TortonPlays says:

    Jake will return now?

  8. Raafeh Chowdhury says:

    i gave my account to a person who might use xmod or imod, what should i do? he is now in canada and im not ????

  9. TheGreatLach IK says:

    Huge congrats on the new house Ash!

  10. Judo Sloth - Clash of Clans & More says:

    Certainly do need to give Supercell credit on this one! It does set a platform as well for further competitive modes and hopefully the game can progress forward and thrive following this. I agree on engineered bases too as it's not cheating but is certainly something that needs to be looked at because it does exploit the algorithm. Congrats on the house bud, we went for one a few weeks ago but unfortunately did not get it.

  11. Tayyab Hameed says:

    Ash this is a request v all know how much time v have to put in this game many of the players who got banned have been playing for 2-3 years including myself ,mu friend was modding ,hhe was having my acc, and i got banned seriously u telling me this is what i get after playing this game.give us a penalty make servers security strict ,wth man i hope u understand i dont wanna talk more becuz im gonna get aggressive ahead!!!!!!

  12. jeanlucgatoh says:

    #i provide

  13. Legitness _1246 says:

    #iprovide great work keep it up

  14. Iris Williamson says:

    Chaos desk hope chapter.

  15. jeanlucgatoh says:

    just keep on doing events, i dont play clash anymore, but i ll watch any content hostet by jakeOH

  16. Profu' de Romana says:

    I provide!

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