Climate Change Explained

Monday, November 21, 2016

A straightforward explanation of Climate Change: the heat from human emissions is roughly equal to exploding 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs every day. Historically, every time carbon dioxide levels increase in Earth’s atmosphere, the average surface temperature increases, ice melts, and the seas rise.

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  1. longblondedude says:

    How does eating less meat help control climate change? Retards

  2. Maddisyn Lewis says:

    this was so helpful with my school assignment. got heaps of information. thanks heaps

  3. YukoValis Sword says:

    I believe in the climate change issue, and while the effects you show here are well made, you don't really explain anything. I'm sorry but this video doesn't really work for people who are in denial. With respect, you should explain how climate change works first, including references to how we are the ones adding 98% of C02. Not to mention the bare basics of the ozone.

  4. Greg Moberg says:

    You can be on the right and believe that climate change is real and man made. The government doesn't have to be the solution; the private sector is making incredible strides in green technology all the time, so when you hear about climate change, you don't immediately need to have your PTSD triggered where all climate change means to you is SJWs or Al Gore. That's like only thinking of Nazi's or the KKK when you hear about any issue the right is concerned about. In fact, you're using the same logic as the people you criticize.

    Seriously, the right has nothing to lose. Governments pump Co2 into the atmosphere all the time. You could make the case that its the government's fault and that the private sector has all the answers, and that the government bears most of the blame because the barriers it made towards innovation.

    You don't have to admit Al Gore was right. You can still agree that climate change is real and man made, but still have disagreements over the details.

  5. Greg Moberg says:

    if the scientific community is serious about this problem, and if they really understand the urgency as well as they think they do, they need to simply the issue to where the lowest common denominator can understand it, because they are the most likely to accept the climate change deniers.

    Saying that the majority of scientists believe it is a serious problem just isn't enough. The problem needs to be demonstrated, where its understood as common sense

  6. Jay Thomas says:

    Climate change and global warming is not solely caused by emissions or carbon loading…the predominant contributor is construction  and associated deforestation…any construction ,concrete buildings, pavements, steel or any other structures. is effectively submerging a small ecosystem, which not only make the ecosystem dead but the covered earth surface start radiating heat rather than absorbing and processing it…like a rocky terrain…
    Imagine a wet agricultural land later covered with malls and parking lots…take the peak surface temperature before and after….slowly the human 'development' is making small pieces of earth dead portions like mars surface….people don't realize the effect ..they look only for the carbon footprint…
    like the animal kingdom which uses only natural materials for survival ,any artificial human creation causes natural imbalance..

  7. yasin ahmed says:

    There's no planet B!!!!!!!???

  8. yasin ahmed says:

    Your video helped me understand climate change ?????

  9. Paul Rösler says:

    Hey guys, I started a petition against Donald Trumps plans to stop the climate agreement of Paris. Please support it to show, that we care about this topic a lot!

  10. endorsed3 says:

    They're lying, and using smoke and mirrors, go do your homework my friends, you'll find its all an excuse to usher in biggest tax on humanity that our world has ever seen, and will guilt the next generation into excepting the United Nations paper "Agenda 21" as being a good idea, youtube "Agenda 21 for Dummies" and learn, what your masters on this earth have planned for you and your loved ones, it ain't pretty.

  11. Joe Quattrochi says:

    Let's not forget Hillary's ties to the oil industry.

  12. Deivis Bluznevicius says:

    Climate changes because we use more and more measurements to get more new things. If we live according to sun moon and eat food locally don't spread news waves we create will stabilize climate. Stop daylight savings globally. Use two timecount i.e. one of the time zone another astronomical of the place you are in. Start using one more callendar where new year begins on the 25th of december besides one we use currently. These waves will stabilize our psyche and there will be less greed anxiety and fire.

  13. xFreedi EDM says:

    Why don't we just go to mars and learn by all this and don't build anything that emits greenhouse gases (maybe on mars is that not even a too bad idea but then controlled and not with industry or something else) because there are people living there then? We could put things that emit greenhouse gases on planets that aren't populated and run them with robots?

    Just a thougt I had lol

  14. Engineer Syed Shuja says:

    I've seen the alarming attitude around climate change and I've only one thing to say that the developed countries bear the sole responsibility for this issue. US, because of it's excessive exploration and production activities of unconventional reservoirs through fracking technology, is the biggest contributor of carbon emissions and of-course China is also on that list. Being in an underdeveloped country (Pakistan), which has vast unexploited unconventional resources, I wouldn't like to be in your camp. I, however, will support our E&P companies to focus their efforts towards unconventional resource exploitation to meet our country's growing energy demands and to get our country out of our GDP crisis that is on the red and ranks us very low among the reputable countries

  15. Armor Lebihan says:

    Ok nice production, but in the worst case you forgot the worst of the worst. have forgot to mention the "Clathrate gun hypothesis" that can be casue of a massive extintion (it s the hipothesis in is worst case, increase of earht surface temperature up to 200 celsius, nothing else) well of course it s a hipthesis and just and hard to proof projection. But cienctist As HUBERT REEVES have warn about this probability… Best regards.

  16. Meenakshi Gaur says:

    its important for all of us to know about it

  17. Fatima Mayran says:

    can i use this in my project?

  18. Groucho Grumble says:

    Al gore is not a scientist in any regard lol

  19. xorotle says:

    What a load of bull crap.

    The mean annual temperature of the Antarctica interior is −57 °C (−70.6 °F). The coast is warmer. Monthly means at McMurdo Station range from −26 °C (−14.8 °F) in August to −3 °C (26.6 °F) in January. Antarctica is going nowhere.
    Raise earths mean temperature 10 deg C and Antarctica would still not go anywhere, it would still contain the bulk of it's current ice volume. Possibly some of the outer rim floating ice could met, but none of that floating ice will cause a single millimeter in sea level change. (Anyone remember basic school physics?)

    Typical of scaremongers this video tries to scare people by showing earths heat in terms of "Hiroshima nuclear bombs". Extreme scaremongering.

    Get in your petrol fueled car and participate in giving us a greener and more food productive planet. At he Co2 levels we have today life is on the brink of starvation. If nature keeps depositing carbon in the earths crust then at some time in the future Co2 would reach below 150ppm. And life on earth would die.

    Greenhouse growers put up to 1200ppm inh their greenhouse. Not for heat, but for growth. Plants are carbon based. Plants use the carbon in the atmosphere to build mass. We eat plants. Or animal that in turned ate plants. We are carbon based. Our bodies are built from Co2 that was in the atmosphere. Below 150ppm photosynthesis stops. And we all die.
    Give life on earth a better chance for long time survival by turning as much deposited carbon in the earths crust into Co2 as possible.
    Planning to get a large muscle car from the -70s myself, because higher Co2 is good for us all. And contributes zero to any man made global warming. Changes in Co2 level follows temperature variations, not the other way around as is claimed by the intro text for this video.

    Humanity is not the enemy of this planet, humanity is a part of this planet. A planet that can easily support 10 billion people if we stop stupidity.

  20. Reuben Handel says:

    The person who made this video is an idiot and doesn't understand the theory at all.
    The warming does not come from the greenhouse effect of human emissions. Only a small portion does in this theory, The majority of warming instead comes from a series of processes which are collectively called '"feedbacks"

    This is why there is such a huge range in the predictions. If it just worked on the greenhouse effect of c02 (which is very small) then all the models would be the same. You would not have the IPCC putting out an est8imate of between 2-6 degrees and having their margin of error double that of their low estimate

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