Climate Chaos : Climatologist warns of a Godzilla El Nino affecting Global Weather (Aug 17, 2015)

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Climate Chaos : Climatologist warns of a Godzilla El Nino affecting Global Weather (Aug 17, 2015)


News Articles:

‘Godzilla El Nino’ will bring chaos including floods and wildfires to the world

Scientists Fear ‘Godzilla El Niño’

‘Godzilla El Niño’ threatens US West Coast with super floods and mudslides this fall

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  1. Jason Hill says:

    Jesus is coming soon

  2. cjpwi says:

    Mud slides!

  3. Austin Bell says:

    **Gospel of grace 1st Corinthians 15 1-4**
    Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world
    was buried
    and rose again the 3rd day
    believe this and your saved forever (Romans 8 38-39)
    Jesus Loves you (John 3 16) all by his Grace (Ephesians 2 8-9)

  4. Mark Grant Davis, ESQ (Marcus) says:

    VERY INTERESTING guy at end of this YouTube says he guarantees we're going to hear 'apocalypse' etc words!

  5. joesph carter says:

    i hope not, i live in so cal i remember el nino in 1997 when i was a young kid it was hard and scared me then, and this one they say is coming scares me now

  6. Diana Prince says:

    just in time to refill the resevoirs in california, guess thats the plan

  7. missie bee says:

    Another great video signs, bless you

  8. justin wiley says:

    it looks like the earth is bleeding on that picture

  9. Steve Duplantie says:

    Stay safe everybody..
    God Bless.

  10. sikovit says:

    Do you not notice the same exact words (talking points) on every single news story?….Isn't that strange?…. What is the solution?….Oh yeah…Tax us all on breathing!

  11. Evangelist In Training says:

    The biggest killer on this planet isn't man, but nature. .

  12. Sean W says:

    notice how they always try to make them selves feel better by saying things like it happens every 2-7 years and i'm sure things will be said like apocalypse, you people need to wake up and see your maker is very real =)

  13. Orbit Tech News says:

    Could this warm water be the result of increased levels of radiation leaking from Japan?

  14. Dayamí says:

    Another great video. Thank you so much for your hard work in bringing people to know what is going on in this soon shakn world.
    GOD bless you!

  15. macman3175 says:

    Wow amazing Dem

  16. 14 Heart of the Order 88 says:


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