Close Reading and the Article of the Week

Monday, December 2, 2019 In which Dave Stuart Jr. talks about “close reading” a Kelly Gallagher-style article of the week assignment.


  1. Franco Cardenas Caicedo says:

    hello everyone

  2. Dr Martinez says:

    So my kids will say, What types of things am I annotating? What am I looking for?

  3. Nancy Biddinger says:

    So glad I found you! We are learning about close reads, annotating text and the digital tools that support them. I'll look forward to more!

  4. Ioana Cornea says:

    As a first-year, high school English teacher, I SO appreciate your explaining of how you integrate the AoW. The videos and resources on the blog are very helpful. Thanks a myriad!

  5. Jessica Nystel says:

    Your video and accompanying blog posts have really cleared my thinking on how to teach PURPOSEFUL annotation. Thank you!

  6. M Michele says:

    Just found this video from Pinterest.  I learned more about the purpose of close reading in 5 minutes than I was taught all year in PD.  Thanks!

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