Computer Science vs Computer Engineering

Thursday, March 10, 2016

This is just a short and simple video describing the difference between Computer Science and Computer Engineering. Again, If I’m wrong let me know or correct me. This is my interpretation of what i have read.
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International Journal of Computer Science, Engineering and Applications (IJCSEA) is an open access peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles
which contribute new results in all areas of the computer science, Engineering and Applications. The journal is devoted to the publication of high quality papers on theoretical and practical aspects of computer science, Engineering and Applications.
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  1. Mariann Martinussen says:

    ah, thank you! have been wondering about this for a while. Gonna study one of then, just don't know which xD Good luck with finding out yourself btw :D

  2. Rachit Chadha says:

    Thanks man, this clears so much up!, what do u think gets more jobs or pays more tho?

  3. Kall me Koala says:

    Your dog is adorable!!

  4. Chris Johnson says:

    Same problem except between electrical, computer, and cs. it was a tough call but I choose computer.

  5. Megh- charmeghander says:

    this helped a lot, very simple and to the point

  6. turtleownage says:

    As a senior CS student I can offer a bit more depth. CS is more high level, as you said it deals with software and algorithms. CE also deals with software, but on a much lower level, I have a friend who graduated with a CE degree and she said it was building a computer from the ground up. CE builds the fundamental languages and functions of a computers architecture and CS makes it usable and creates high level functions from it.

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