Computers in Industry

Monday, May 16, 2016

Today the rise of industry is deemed as the stepping stone of any nation’s success towards achieving self sufficiency and international recognition. There had been massive developments in industrial technology and computers have had the Lion’s share in that scenario as the level of automation in the industry today is what our ancestors could have never even imagined. Today the amount of human intervention required in factories or more specifically assembly lines is very limited as the entire cycle of operation in factories is now managed by expertly crafted computer hardware and software combination which is a strikingly deadly duo.

From manufacturing bottle caps and ball pens to large scale automobile manufacturing computers have changed the way things are made and we can have a lot of tasks done in a faster means as compared to years back. The influence of computers has resulted in reducing the delay times we normally experience for several things especially automobiles and other such heavy objects. Speeding up of production lines courtesy of computer aided automation have resulted in faster delivery of products and this in turn has a positive impact on prices which are favourable to both companies and buyers. The impact does not end there as automation resulted in less wastage as calculated and careful resource utilisation was possible with the advent of technology.

On an average almost 3 out of every 5 large scales industry employs fully automated machinery especially large scale industries. This is the figure from developed nations. Other nations are fast catching up in this scene. The entry of computers have resulted in reducing workloads for human employees as heavy machines can be more easily controlled by computers by careful supervision. Effective management of resources hands in a good profit margin for companies which in turn will reflect on their pricing schemes which are useful for both the employees of the firm and the end buyers of their products.

However there have been widespread protests and agitations against computers throughout the world especially in developing nations as people claim that the rise of automation and modernisation of factories using computers will pose a serious threat to the livelihood of millions who sweat all their life to earn enough to keep their families alive. Computers will eliminate the need for physical labour forces in a large proportion and this in turn will be a big blow dealt to the labour community of which a majority are still drenched in poverty.

Whatever are the offences and charges lad out against computers, their role in industry cannot be ignored as the level of help they offer cannot be matched by anything else. Running a business from scratch was not possible years ago without the help of a large human resource but today the rise of computers have resulted in that dream becoming a reality even though many say it is at the expense of human livelihood.

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