CONSTITUTION : Freedom of Religion (Article 25 to 28)

Friday, October 6, 2017


  1. Mohammed Ajmal says:

    Mam i have some doubt can you give more vedios

  2. sneh singh says:

    triple talaq and polygamy are they against article 25

  3. Suyog Labade says:

    respected me'am… 42nd amendment was in year 1976…that's mini-constitution…don't spread wrong knowledge….

  4. isabhai suratwala says:

    The article 25 shows that Sikhs are Hindus and is unacceptable for the Sikh community…..

  5. Rakesh Kannan says:

    42 nd amendment act 1976 not in 1972

  6. Shashank shri tripathi says:

    42nd ammendment was done in 1976

  7. Navjot Singh says:

    brilliantly worked……worth watching.

  8. Learn law says:

    pls make vedios for llb students your way of teaching is grt

  9. pooja dubey says:

    The videos are very much informative and easy to understand, thank you and keep making such videos.

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