Saturday, April 8, 2017


*Snapchat: brawadis

Brandon Awadis
PO BOX 261609
San Diego , CA

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*Snapchat: brawadis

Brandon Awadis
PO BOX 261609
San Diego , CA

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  1. Viral Scopes says:

    i mean Brian shooting the ball at 10:23

  2. Viral Scopes says:

    any one else die of laughter at 10:23

  3. fball25 vlogs says:

    subscribe to my account and u will get a kiss from ur crush tommorow

  4. fball25 vlogs says:

    brawadis u only took 2 on the last part in round 1 u could have tied it bro

  5. Faze favian says:

    Brandon is the one that makes the excuses

  6. Christopher Ard says:

    10:22 Brian had a 2K glitch moment

  7. Abigail Danielle says:

    faze rug also this is not her this is her cousin

  8. Aasim Alam says:

    He said Inshallah! ???

  9. ExOtiC Sharp says:

    do. lamelo. ball. challenge.

  10. unknown person 404 says:

    Brandon I think you should get Jackie a new car

  11. Alex Zutes says:

    damn brandon sucks at basketball

  12. ROBLOX MASTER says:

    How to get likes on comments:
    1) Video starts at 0:00 thank me later
    2) Anyone watching in 2017?
    3) Song lyrics?
    4) Notification Squad?
    5) Read more "trolling"
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    But seriously, like this comment

  13. Sophie Sunsuz says:


  14. Sophie Sunsuz says:

    The dog ool

  15. Jackson Richardson says:

    Vid start at 3:15 fyi

  16. Adrian Alvarado says:

    Brandon with the assists and rug with the shoots

  17. Gaming_4_u !! says:


  18. AH hossin says:

    go to my channel its cool and get a gift for 100 subs

  19. Kelton Nicholson says:

    People dont comprehend how short rug is so lay off of apex

  20. Christian Martinez says:

    When they called it and they won the championship

  21. Mateo Raymundo says:

    when i grow up i want to be like you and have the same girl like you have

  22. Saggs McButters says:

    I am not trying to start a fight but a pump fake isn't breaking ankles

  23. vXFatal ShotXv says:

    Damn boi

  24. Brendan Green says:


  25. Tanner Fox says:

    That fat guy at 24:22

  26. Axis HQ says:

    Those guys are better than they look( like if you agree)?

  27. Edwin Quiroz-Cisneros says:

    give it to rug

  28. Thomas Major says:

    so many excuses lol. they had a star on their team that could drive to the basket and dominate. those late calls are still fouls

  29. Thomas Major says:

    u had plenty of room to land, u were fading away from him

  30. Sara Campbell says:

    do "another one"

  31. CrazyCousinGaming e says:

    brads girlfriend is a fucking retard

  32. Hackam 49 says:

    His ankles were done!

  33. Brandon Snyder says:

    the game was a scam for YOU

  34. Igal Kashani says:

    my uncle has the same car as you!!!!!! ??

  35. Legacy Chaos says:

    Tell your gf to stop screaming because it's making me deaf

  36. Kamar Harris says:

    F the ref thats the only reason they lose

  37. Myles Royster says:

    i would drop 50

  38. Myles Royster says:

    they suck this a shitty league

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