Crazy New Space Discoveries Baffling Scientists Once Again! 3/21/16

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Crazy New Space Discoveries Baffling Scientists Once Again! 3/21/16

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Music: Spellbound by Keven Macleod
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  1. Roman Ash says:

    awesome pics

  2. Mark Suransky says:

    Dude, you sound like Mort Goldman ??

  3. raven4hm1 says:

    Venus is not shrouded in icy clouds, it's the hottest planet in the solar system ……… Just saying

  4. Carolyn Schaum says:

    when you mature a little and can use your words in a descriptive way without using words such as "hard on", I might check back with you. Young people use these videos for school work.

  5. Milan Milenkovic says:

    If whirls closer than Mercury to the sun , how it does not collide with him?

  6. Peter Petanowitsch says:

    There are 100 billion star systems in the milky way, which is one of 100 bilion galaxies in universe. And we are alone? There were tons of high-tech alien races even before the earth was created. Wake up or are you seriously that kind of infinite dumb, little nay-sayers? I´m just laughing about the disturbing ignorance of humanity.

  7. James Ritchie says:

    You have the IQ of a cabbage.

  8. Scott Velez says:

    Are scientists always baffled?

  9. Shivek Dhar says:

    So Pluto is basically Australia of the solar system!

  10. Roundy Issac says:

    lol Massive hard on.

  11. eva Beck says:

    thanks teamlisp

  12. jolene yearian says:

    AGH!!!!MY CAT HAS FLEES!!!!!!

  13. NoSuchThing99 says:

    Is Oliver Peck, from inkmaster ,narrating this?

  14. Alex Xela says:

    wheres the proof for this planet?

  15. Cullen Davis says:

    Where did you find those images of Pluto?

  16. Kristof Francois says:

    Should the planet reached the present orbit because of a collision with another planet that planet should be massive it's self

  17. norwegcat says:

    The first planet mentioned goes from cold to hot flashes. I guess we'll have to name that …."Planet Menopause"

  18. Eric Ruiz says:

    I made a new discovery in Uranus….

  19. Marc Boiteux says:

    I have a question…
    Science knows how planets are born, but how are stars born?…

  20. Nathan Neiman says:

    Ice clouds on Venus?

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